Jacaranda Science Quest

For the Victorian Curriculum

Everything you need for the modern science classroom

The brand new editions of Jacaranda Science Quest VC form a comprehensive suite of engaging and innovative resources, tailored to the Victorian Curriculum. They provide a carefully scaffolded and sequenced, inquiry-based approach to learning science, with a focus on building Science Inquiry Skills (SIS).

EPAA 2021 Won Student Resource – Junior 2021 Science Quest VC

Won: Student Resource – Junior 2021
Australian Education Publishing Awards (EPAA)

Build essential Science Inquiry Skills (SIS)

Science Inquiry Skills (SIS) are explicitly embedded throughout the content and questions, and covered in the Science Inquiry SkillBuilders, introduction to science (SIS) topic and new student eWorkbook and Practical investigation eLogbooks – building both students skills and the knowledge to apply those skills.

Endless learning pathways for all abilities

Visible differentiation is provided at every stage of learning from pre-test to reflection – enabling every student to take their own unique path. Teachers can easily tailor lessons and create differentiated assignments using our customisable worksheets and online question banks.

Unrivalled teacher support

teachON offers teachers time-saving support and inspiration, with ready-made lesson plans, practical teaching advice, differentiated work programs, extensive practical and lab support and customisable assessment. With access to the learnON platform, teachers also receive immediate insights into your students’ performance and engagement.

Innovation for the modern classroom

Innovative resources that are pedagogically meaningful and designed to engage students in the study of science. With access to the learnON platform, teachers can spark students’ interest and easily tailor lessons and create custom assignments.


  • Series features

    The new editions of Jacaranda Science Quest includes these features:

    • Content is completely revised and updated, aligned to the Science 7-10 Victorian Curriculum, and consistent across all platforms – learnON, eBookPLUS, PDF, iPad app and print
    • Concepts are brought to life with engaging content, diagrams and illustrations, and digital resources including interactivities, videos, weblinks and projects
    • Explicit development of Science Inquiry Skills (SIS) that is embedded throughout the content and questions, Science Inquiry SkillBuilders, and introduction to science (SIS) topics
    • A brand new student eWorkbook and Practical investigation eLogbooks provides additional differentiated, and customisable activities to further develop students’ skills
    • teachON delivers enhanced teaching support resources including teaching advice, lesson plans, work programs and quarantined assessments
    • learnON is a powerful learning platform that allows you to customise all aspects of your teaching and analytic tools to map student achievement and performance

  • Formats

    Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way.


    Printed textbook with free digital code inside


    learnON is our immersive and flexible digital learning platform.

    iPad app

    Trusted Jacaranda content available online and offline through the iPad app


    Downloadable PDFs available in the learnON platform

  • Offers and complementary products


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    Jacaranda Bundle Offers

    Get Jacaranda Science Quest VC as part of the Jacaranda Value Bundle (print with digital) or the Jacaranda Digital Bundle (digital-only). These bundles provide trusted, high quality resources, at one low price to meet the unique needs of every Victorian school.



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    Jacaranda assessON

    assessON is Jacaranda’s online assessment tool for Years 7-10. This tool makes it easy to evaluate and track Science students’ readiness for learning, their progress as they learn, and their levels of achievement.


Jacaranda Science Quest

The Jacaranda Science Quest is available in a print with digital (learnON) or digital-only format to allow teachers to teach their class, their way. For digital customers, use your resource both online and offline with downloadable PDFs and the iPad app.