Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Economics


Introducing the Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Economics series, a new and contemporary suite of resources, designed to give you and your students the tools to succeed in VCE Economics. Acclaimed author, Richard Morris, has utilised his extensive teaching experience to deliver the most comprehensive resource on the market. Now with comprehensive teacher support and access to past VCAA questions.

Refreshed media to engage and inspire

A brand new rich-media experience including teacher-led videos explaining key concepts and interactive graphs, providing opportunities for students to engage and explore economic concepts.

VCE Economics refreshed media pillar
VCE Economics contemporary content pillar

Contemporary content, updated annually

Online content updated annually to ensure that students have access to the most current information, including the latest federal budget and ABS statistics, as well as updated contemporary examples and case studies to further enhance students’ understanding of economic concepts.

Unrivalled VCE exam and assessment preparation

Prepare your students for all forms of success with access to every VCAA exam question since 2008, and a range of practice SACs – comprehensively supported with exemplary responses and marking guides.

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Unmatched teacher support

A new comprehensive range of teacher support materials that’s further enhanced by learnON, which provides visibility into student progress and performance, allowing you to easily tailor lesson plans and create custom tests.


  • Series features

    The latest editions of Jacaranda’s Key Concepts in VCE Economics series include these features:

    • Now available in print with digital and digital-only formats
    • Alignment with the VCE Economics Study Design (2017-2022), with content tailored to each of the key knowledge and key skills
    • Provides insights into the modern Australian economy by exploring issues of interest in Economics through a wide range of relevant business examples and topical case studies
    • Links are built into the terminology used throughout the text, directing students to an extensive Economics dictionary
    • Tailored exercise sets at the end of every subtopic, providing students the opportunity to test their knowledge, apply their understanding in economic exercises and practice past VCAA exam questions
    • In learnON, students receive immediate responses and access to exemplary responses
    • Detailed topic reviews, providing students with opportunities for revision with key concept summaries, key terms and an extensive range of questions and an offline printable studyON booklets with past VCE questions
    • Comprehensive teacher support in both titles, including; work programs, teaching advice, practice tests and SACs complete with exemplary responses and marking rubrics
    • learnON provides teachers with visibility into student progress and performance, allowing you to customise lessons, tests and assessments

  • Formats

    Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way.


    Printed textbook with free digital code inside


    learnON is our immersive and flexible digital learning platform.


    Downloadable PDFs available in the learnON platform

  • Authors

    Richard Morris

    Vladimir Dumovic

Jacaranda's Key Concepts in VCE Economics series

The Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Economics series is available in a print with digital (learnON) or digital-only format to allow teachers to teach their class, their way. For digital customers, use your resource both online and offline with downloadable PDFs.