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The new editions of the Jacaranda VCE Chemistry series form a complete suite of contemporary resources, designed to inspire curiosity and scientific investigation while preparing your students for VCE success. Refreshed content explicitly aligns with the Study Design, and now includes comprehensive teacher support so you can teach your class, your way.


Won: Outstanding Secondary Resource – 2020
Australian Education Publishing Awards (EPAA)


Won: Student Resource – Senior 2020
Australian Education Publishing Awards (EPAA)

Why choose Jacaranda VCE Chemistry:

Over the past few years we’ve been out in schools talking to teachers to learn what’s important to you – our new editions are based off this feedback.

Watch this video to learn about our new teacher support, exam preparation tools, teacher-led videos and more!

Encouraging inquiry through scientific investigation

An interactive and engaging resource suite utilising a range of rich media, including new teacher-led videos of practical experiments and sample problems – providing students with more opportunities to consolidate concepts and deepen their understanding.

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Developing independent lifelong learners

Now available in learnON, students receive immediate feedback for every question and access to exemplary responses. Their growth, progress and performance are automatically tracked, making it easy to highlight areas of strengths and weakness and focus study.


Unrivalled exam and assessment preparation

Prepare your students for all forms of success with access to every VCAA exam question since 2006, and a range of practice SACs – comprehensively supported with exemplary responses and marking guides.

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Unmatched teacher support

A new comprehensive range of teacher support materials, including; work programs, curriculum grids, answers to every question, detailed practical investigation support and quarantined topic tests and SACs.

  • Series features

    The latest editions of Jacaranda’s VCE Chemistry series include these features:

    • Aligned to the VCE Chemistry Study Design (2016-2022), with content tailored to all the key knowledge and key skills
    • In learnON, you get greater visibility into student progress and performance, allowing you to easily tailor lesson plans and create custom tests
    • Tailored exercise sets at the end of every subtopic, providing students the opportunity to test their knowledge
    • Detailed topic and Area of Study reviews, providing students with opportunities for revision with key concept summaries, key terms, investigation and an extensive range of questions and an offline printable studyON booklets with past VCE questions
    • New printable Practical Investigation logbook, with teacher-led videos
    • A dedicated Practical Investigations topic designed to enhance skills in scientific methodology with links to Key Science Skills, conducting practical investigations and communicating through scientific reports
    • Enhanced teacher support, including;
      • work programs, curriculum grids and teaching advice
      • practical investigation support, with laboratory information, risk assessments, expected results and demonstrative videos
      • quarantined tests and SACs complete with worked solutions, exemplary responses and marking rubrics
      • learnON provides visibility into student progress and performance, allowing you to customise lessons, tests and assessments

  • Formats

    Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way.


    Printed textbook with free digital code inside


    learnON is our immersive and flexible digital learning platform


    Downloadable PDFs available with eBookPLUS

  • Authors

    Neale Taylor

    Angela Stubbs

    Robert Stokes

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    Get studyON, our exam study, revision and practise
    tool, for free!

    Now free and fully integrated across the entire series, studyON is our interactive and highly visual online study, revision and exam practise tool. With many features such as access to official past exams, videos, interactivities, auto-marked questions and progress tracking tools, studyON packs in so much more than a traditional print study guide.


Jacaranda's VCE Chemistry series

The Jacaranda VCE Chemistry series is available in a print with digital or digital-only format to allow teachers to teach their class, their way.