Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management


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The Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management series is now updated with new content and contemporary case studies to engage students of all abilities and help them achieve exam success. These new editions will give you everything you need to carry you through the extended accreditation period, to the end of 2022.

Currency and relevance

Revised content supported by updated data and statistics and new real-world contemporary case studies throughout including how COVID-19 has impacted business.

Accessible for every student

The content you know and trust, delivered in the familiar Key Concepts approach to ensure it is digestible for all students, with background information for those who need assistance and extension material for those seeking a challenge.

Unrivalled exam and assessment preparation

Prepare your students for success with new exam-style questions in every subtopic (with exemplary responses and marking guides), new practice SACs for each Area of Study and access to every VCAA exam question since 2008.

Unmatched teacher support and insights

Now also available in learnON, an immersive online course where teachers and students are connected and can unlock deep insights into progress. Teachers can create custom tests using any question available in the resource, including past VCAA questions.


  • Series features

    The new editions of Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management include these key features:

    • Available in multiple print and digital formats; Print, learnON, eBookPLUS and PDF
    • Contemporary case studies, alongside updates to existing data, statistics and references to ensure currency and relevance to see you through to the end of the extended accreditation period.
    • Apply your skills subtopics in each topic which allow students to practice key Business Management skills
    • Extend your knowledge subtopics in each topic provide more opportunities to explore key knowledge in greater depth
    • New exam-style questions in every subtopic, with examples of exemplary responses and marking guides
    • Available for the first time in learnON, giving you greater visibility into student progress and performance, and allowing you to easily tailor lesson plans and create custom tests
    • studyON is now completely integrated into every subtopic in learnON, providing every student with access to every official past VCAA exam question since 2006 and hundreds of exam-style questions
    • Brand-new practice SACs for each Area of Study, including detailed solutions and marking guides provided for the students, and additional quarantined SACs available in the teacher support
    • Teacher support material including lesson starters, answers to all the questions, quarantined school accessed coursework, topic tests and more

  • Formats

    Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way.


    Printed textbook with free digital code inside


    learnON is our immersive and flexible digital learning platform.


    Downloadable PDFs available in the learnON platform

  • Authors

    Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson is a senior Commerce teacher at Ballarat High School with over 20 years’ experience teaching Business Management. Matt has held positions of responsibility with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as a review panel member on the Business Management study design and as an examination vetter on the Business Management exam panel. He has presented professional development sessions for Victorian Commerce Teachers Association (VCTA) for Business Management teachers and has contributed articles to the VCTA journal Compak. Matt facilitates student revision and exam preparation lectures and is a prolific writer of assessment materials for Business Management.

    Graeme Smithies

    Graeme Smithies has over 45 years’ experience in secondary education in Victoria. During that time he has taught Legal Studies, Business Management, Economics, English, History and a variety of other Humanities and Commerce subjects. He spent over 19 years in assistant principal and principal positions in government secondary schools. He has created
    a range of educational resources for VCE Commerce subjects, as well as the Years 7–10 National Curriculum learning areas of Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, and History.

    Vlad Dumovic

    Vladimir Dumovic is a Business and Economics teacher at Dandenong High School. He has authored a range of secondary school textbooks in the Business, Economics, Civics and Citizenship subject areas. Vladimir brings to his teaching and writing a passion for learning as well as industry experience from his previous job as an accountant.

    Stephen Chapman

    Stephen Chapman is an active teacher, author, HSC marker and consultant, with 28 years’ experience as a classroom teacher and head teacher. He has authored/co-authored 24 textbooks in the areas of Commerce, Business Studies and Economics. He has won awards for teaching excellence and pedagogical writings, as well as a Commonwealth Parliamentary Teaching Fellowship. As a consultant, he works with schools to develop teaching programs and educational resources.

    Simon Phelan

    Simon Phelan has worked at a number of government and independent schools over the past 30 years. He has taught VCE Business Management/Accounting/Economics/Legal Studies for 30 years and has been involved in a number of Study Design Review Panels, including the most recent panel that developed the Study Design for 2017–22. Simon is an experienced VCAA examination assessor. He has presented professional development sessions for teachers at Comview, the annual VCTA conference, and has contributed articles to the VCTA journal Compak.

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Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management

The Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management series is available in a print with digital or digital-only format to allow teachers to teach their class, their way.

What are teachers saying about the Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management series?


    “We have used Jacaranda over a number of years and we will continue to because the resources are clear and cover all aspects of the curriculum. When support is required, the staff at Jacaranda are easy to deal with and sort the issue immediately.”

    Lilydale Heights Secondary College


    “The best material on the market. Very current and up to date, many supportive resources included, print textbook is attractive and has user friendly layout.”

    Head of Department, The Geelong College


    “Easy to understand text with lots of support available through the jacPLUS website.”

    Teacher, Yarrawonga College P-12


    “Jacaranda’s content is concise and comes with plenty of teaching resources.”

    Teacher, Al Taqwa College

  • De La Salle College Logo  

    “Easy to follow and concise notes. Also we love the improvements with the exam questions and use of graphical representations of data.”

    Head of Department, De La Salle College 10/12 Senior

  • Bayside P-12 College Logo  

    “We use Jacaranda Key Concepts in VCE Business Management because it sets out the study design in a clear and concise manner. It has current case studies which are relevant to the study design and the students enjoy learning. I also find the questions easy to understand and they relate to the content well.”

    Teacher, Bayside P-12 College, Paisley 10-12 Campus

  • Alkira Secondary College Logo  

    “I have always liked the way the Business Management textbook is set out and how user-friendly it is for the students. Now with the updates (exam practice questions and more case studies), I am even happier with the books.”

    Teacher, Alkira Secondary College