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The digital-only Jacaranda Health & Physical Education series provides teachers and students with high-quality content suitable for all states (except NSW). Available on learnON, the powerful digital learning platform which transforms trusted Jacaranda content to make learning personalised and visible.

How we are different

  • Inquiry-based

    Interactive and inquiry-based activities enhance student health and well being.

  • An immersive experience

    Reading content with a range of videos and interactivities reinforce knowledge and engage students.

  • Relevance and currency

    Strong coverage of positive relationships, bullying and issues of sexting, cyberbullying and youth mental health.

  • Unlock deep insights into performance

    With learnON, Jacaranda’s powerful online platform, teachers can unlock deep insights into student and cohort performance.


Titles in this series

Table of contents

To view content, simply click on the chapter link in blue and the PDF will open up.

Jacaranda Health & Physical Education 7 & 8

Topic 1: Valuing diversity
Topic 2: Developing positive relationships
Topic 3: Adolescence – changes and challenges
Topic 4: Influences during adolescence
Topic 5: Staying healthy
Topic 6: Seeking help
Topic 7: Understanding movement
Topic 8: Moving with skill
Topic 9: Building successful teams
Topic 10: Fit for life


ISBN: 9780730362609
Publication Date: November 2017
RRP: $30.00

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Table of contents

To view content, simply click on the chapter link in blue and the PDF will open up.

Jacaranda Health & Physical Education 9 & 10

Topic 1: Proficiency of movement
Topic 2: Participation, teamwork and fair play
Topic 3: Movement concepts, game sense, tactics and strategies
Topic 4: Understanding how the body moves
Topic 5: Physical activity, fitness and health
Topic 6: Safety, first aid and sports injury management
Topic 7: Challenge, risk and safety
Topic 8: Promoting healthy communities
Topic 9: Personal identity and relationships
Topic 10: Sexuality and sexual relationships
Topic 11: Nutrition for good health


ISBN: 9780730362678
Publication Date: November 2017
RRP: $30.00

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  • Series features

    The latest editions of Jacaranda Health & Physical Education series include these key features:

    • Key terms are highlighted and defined when rolled over
    • Addresses specific elaborations and learning focus points from the Health and Physical Education Australian curriculum
    • The Engage content and Starter questions are there for students to investigate the specific learning foci
    • A strong focus is placed on providing activities and discussion points to engage students so as to improve their knowledge and skills
    • Essential questions and checklists at the start and end of topics promote discussion and reflection
    • Opening videos for every topic bring Health and Physical Education to life
    • Students complete question sets for each subtopic and receive immediate corrective feedback
    • Downloadable worksheets available for all topics

    For teachers, learnON includes additional teacher resources such as topic tests, additional worksheets, weblinks and curriculum grids.

  • Authors

    Ron Ruskin

    Ron Ruskin is an established and respected PDHPE teacher and has had several active roles and qualifications in sports coaching and examining. He was formerly the Head Teacher of PDHPE at Northmead High School but is now retired. He has also been a Senior Marker of the HSC for the NSW Board of Studies and has worked on the HSC advice line.

    Kim Proctor

    Kim Proctor is currently Assistant Director, Secondary Education with the NSW Department of Education and Communities. She has worked in a diverse range of roles within education, including as a PDHPE head teacher, PDHPE consultant, coordinator for Student Health in New South Wales and a leader of curriculum in secondary schools. Kim has vast experience in working in and with schools to develop and implement quality teaching programs in PDHPE and school-wide policies that support student health and wellbeing.

    Sue Dickens

    Sue Dickens has fifteen years’ experience as a Health and Physical Education teacher in secondary schools in Queensland. Her current role with the School of Human Studies at The University of Queensland oversees the design of a suite of online continuing professional development courses to assist HPE teachers and sports coaches in career development.

    Glenn Amezdroz

    Glenn Amezdroz is currently acting as Senior Education Officer at the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), supporting Physical Education, Health Education and Recreation SAS in Queensland. He has served in a variety of different roles in the moderation processes of Senior Physical Education with QCAA, as well as contributing as a member of the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education Advisory Committee during the development of the Shape Paper for AC-HPE

    Sally Nelson

    Sally Nelson is currently Head of Middle School Health and Physical Education at Carey Baptist Grammar School. She has completed her Masters of Education in Health and Physical Education and has an intense interest in HPE curriculum development. Sally was also a member of the VCAA and ACHPER discussion panels to give feedback for the draft shape of the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education Consultation Report.

    Kirsty Walsh

    Kirsty Walsh has ten years’ experience as a Health and Physical Education teacher in secondary schools in Victoria and South Australia. Currently the Head of Health and PE at Ballarat Clarendon College, she is a recognised VCE PE expert, having co-authored the Live It Up textbooks for the VCE PE course and having been a VCAA examiner across PE and H&HD for eight years.

    Vaughan Cleary

    Vaughan Cleary is the Head of Health and Physical Education at Marcellin College, Bulleen, Victoria. He teaches Physical Education and Health and Human Development. Vaughan has a plethora of experience writing state-based and national textbooks over the last twenty years across all secondary school levels. He has supported ACHPER in a number of ways, including being a regular presenter at national ACHPER conferences in areas such as curriculum writing, curriculum reform and creativity and innovation in the classroom.

    Peter Wright

    Peter Wright (the coordinating author) is the Principal at Koonung Secondary College. His teaching methods are Physical Education, Health Education and Geography. Peter has been actively involved in promoting and developing physical and health education for more than thirty years. He was a member of the inaugural School Sport Victoria Board and has held the key positions of VCE State Reviewer and Chief Assessor for Physical Education.

    Jo Amott

    Jo Amott has worked at Lauriston Girls’ School for the past ten years. Her teaching methods are Physical Education, Health and SOSE. Jo has vast experience working in schools developing and implementing quality teaching programs in PDHPE, as well as student health and wellbeing programs. As part of her teaching role, she also coaches netball, basketball and cricket teams, and is a keen participant in all of these sports herself. Jo is currently completing a Masters degree in School Leadership.

    Mark Quinlan

    Mark Quinlan is currently an Assistant Principal at Koonung Secondary College. He has been a VCE Reviewer and Assessor for Physical Education and Outdoor Education for over ten years. Mark lectures at VCE Physical Education seminars for teachers and secondary school students, and has written Physical Education and Maths books for Victorian and New South Wales secondary school curriculums.

    David Gayfer

    David Gayfer is a respected teacher of Physical Education, having taught Years 7−12 Health and PE, VCE PE and Psychology for fourteen years before moving to teach the Sports Development Program at SEDA (Sports Education & Development Australia) for the past five years.

    Catherine Gayfer

    Catherine Gayfer is a respected teacher of Health and Physical Education at Kew High School. During her thirteen years of teaching, Catherine has taught Years 7−10 Health and PE, VCE Information Technology, Health and Human Development, Physical Education, VET Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation, and Years 7−10 Science.

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