Jacaranda English

Years 7 – 8

Making English relevant for every student

The Jacaranda English series gives students every opportunity to engage and succeed with a concept-based approach and rich, multimodal learning experience. Written by our talented teacher-author team, it is built to ensure students of all abilities can develop their essential English skills.

(English 8) Highly Commended: Student Resource – Junior 2022
Australian Education Publishing Awards (EPAA)

English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education

How we are different

  • Helping every student succeed

    Engaging multimedia, modern content, scaffolded activities and true differentiation allow students of all reading and writing abilities to build confidence, succeed, and progress. Available as a flexible annual subscription; a Writeable Textbook is also available for those who want to practise their handwriting.

  • A concept-based approach

    Unique in our approach, students will explore key concepts and big ideas to build their essential English skills, helping them succeed in senior years and beyond.

  • Creating real connections

    Diverse writing samples by Australian students and teachers are perfect for analysis, inspiration and editing practice, and help students make important connections with their own English experience.

Titles in this series


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Title: Jacaranda English 7  learnON
ISBN: 9780730385868
Publication Date: Oct 2020
RRP: $50

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Title: Jacaranda English 7  learnON + Print
ISBN: 9780730385875
Publication Date: Oct 2020
RRP: $75

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Title: Jacaranda English 8 learnON
ISBN: 9780730392507
Publication Date: Oct 2020
RRP: $50

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Title: Jacaranda English 8 learnON + Print
ISBN: 9780730392491
Publication Date: Oct 2020
RRP: $75

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  • Series features

    The new Jacaranda English series includes these features:

    • Suitable for all curricula, with curriculum documents mapping the content to the Victorian Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, NSW Australian curriculum and the WA Curriculum
    • Clear and concise content to support all reading abilities
    • Available in learnON, our most powerful digital learning platform. In learnON, you get greater visibility into student progress and performance, allowing you to easily tailor lesson plans and create custom tests
    • Access to teachON, a one-stop-shop for teacher support material. It includes practical teaching advice and lesson plans, designed to save time and provide inspiration and support for teachers
    • Colour-coded, scaffolded activities and worksheets at three levels of difficulty for easy differentiation within each class
    • A range of multimedia to improve engagement and understanding including; videos, audio files, interactivities and weblinks
    • Topic-based projects to enable students to practise skills, share ideas and collaborate
    • SkillBuilders in our proven Tell me, Show me, Let me do it format that allow students to learn and practise key English skills in an engaging and accessible way
    • Resource summaries provide a birds-eye view of everything available to support teaching and learning for each topic

  • Authors



    Samuel Islip

    English and History teacher, Victoria

    Samuel Islip is a teacher dedicated to helping students achieve their best at any level. A graduate of Monash University, he found a passion in helping students meet their potential through differentiation in his various roles as a private tutor and English, History, Geography and Drama teacher in both the English and Australian schooling systems. He is now a teacher at a high-ranking independent secondary school in Melbourne. He also has a passion for film and cinema and is an avid gamer (both digital and analogue).

    Prudence Meggitt

    English teacher, Victoria

    Prudence Meggitt has taught English, Drama, Literature and English as an Additional Language for 12 years, in Australia and internationally. She has taught all the acronyms, including IB, VCE, IGCSE, VCAL, IELTS and the Australian Curriculum. She is currently teaching at an independent secondary school in Brighton and studying for a Master of Applied Linguistics. She has an impressive collection of noir films and she’s learning to sew.

    Irene Terpon

    Head of English, Western Australia

    Irene Terpon has a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education from the University of Western Australia and a Diploma in Greek Language Studies from the University of Notre Dame. She has been teaching English for over 25 years. She currently holds the position of Head of English at John Wollaston Anglican Community School in Perth, Western Australia. She is also completing a Post Graduate Diploma in EALD. Her passions include singing and travelling. Her favourite superhero is Wonder Woman and she’s a diehard Beatles fan.

    Gina Kalisperis

    English teacher, New South Wales

    Gina Kalisperis has been teaching since 2015 and couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else. She currently works at Wyndham Senior College as a History and English teacher, Year Adviser and as a member of the Literacy Team. She has presented many times on how to best support literacy development in students and is very passionate about English and the opportunities it provides to each and every student.

    Leon Furze

    English and Media teacher, Victoria

    Leon Furze has been a teacher of 7-12 English and VCE Literature and Media for over a decade. Working at Monivae College in Western Victoria, he has held a number of roles including Director of Studies, Head of English, and Year Level Coordinator. In 2016 Leon completed a Masters of Education at Melbourne Graduate School of Education, specialising in Student Wellbeing, and remains focused on supporting students in Literacy. For the past two years Leon has also been a council member for the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE). In his spare time Leon writes, pretends to be a farmer with six chooks and a vegetable patch, and runs around after his energetic children.

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    Get Jacaranda English as part of the Jacaranda 7-10 Digital Bundle or 7-12 eLibrary. Our whole-school offers give teachers and students access to trusted, high quality resources at a fraction of the normal cost.


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