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Jacaranda Myworld History Atlas for the Australian Curriculum (Online Purchase)

ISBN: 9781742462219
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RRP: $15
myWorld History Atlas

The Jacaranda myWorld History Atlas for the Australian Curriculum (Online Purchase) is a unique and innovative digital atlas which contains and enhances all the content ofthe Jacaranda World History Atlas. It offers a new digital experience, designed specifically for the History classroom and the Australian Curriculum.


• students can explore an interactive timeline and globe to discover what happened in history and where and when, enabling them to draw conclusions about the relationships between key historical events from different periods and different regions of the world.
• highly graphic summary screens featuring key historical sources
• detailed information to read including map references and highlighted definitions
interactive chronologies containing visual sources that illustrate key events
• beautifully designed maps including interactive keys and animations that show change over time and tell the story of history through key geographical events
• stunning videos featuring rare archival footage that explores the how and why of historical events
• links to historical locations in Google Earth
• students are encouraged to search by date range, geographical location or Australian Curriculum depth study to discover over 120 historical studies
• a bank of interactive, short answer and multiple choice questions that test their knowledge and understanding of each study
• instant feedback is provided and questions link to a progress tracker that identifies the historical skills and understanding in which a student is excelling and those that require further study
• students create their own personalised environment, adding notes, videos and images to their interactive globe, and publishing their case studies on www.myworldatlas.com.au or popular social networking sites.

Jacaranda myWorld Atlas is a digital-only resource and provides access to all the content. It includes a wealth of multimedia resources accessed through our JacarandaPLUs website (www.jacplus.com.au/).