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Jacaranda Science Quest 7 for the Victorian Curriculum 2E LearnON (O)

ISBN: 9780730388043
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RRP: $40
Jacaranda Science Quest 7 Victorian Curriculum, 2nd Edition learnON
This digital title provides 100% coverage of the Victorian Curriculum for Science. It is available on learnON, the powerful digital learning platform making learning personalised and visible for both students and teachers. The latest editions of Jacaranda Science Quest Victorian Curriculum series include these key features:
  • Content is completely revised and updated, aligned to the Science 7-10 Victorian Curriculum, and consistent across all platforms – learnON, eBookPLUS, PDF, iPad app and print
  • Concepts are brought to life with engaging content, diagrams and illustrations, and digital resources including interactivities, videos, weblinks and projects
  • Explicit development of Science Inquiry Skills (SIS) that is embedded throughout the content and questions, Science Inquiry SkillBuilders, and introduction to science (SIS) topics
  • A brand new student eWorkbook and Practical investigation eLogbooks provides additional differentiated, and customisable activities to further develop students’ skills
  • teachON delivers enhanced teaching support resources including teaching advice, lesson plans, work programs and quarantined assessments
For teachers, learnON includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and work programs.

Topic 1. Discovering science
Topic 2. Learning keys
Topic 3. Classification
Topic 4. Ecosystems: Interactions and relationships
Topic 5. Separating mixtures
Topic 6. The Earth in space
Topic 7. Precious resources
Topic 8. Forces in action
Topic 9. A world of machines