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Jacaranda Maths Quest 11 Mathematical Methods VCE U1&2 2E eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

ISBN: 9780730355625
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Jacaranda Maths Quest 11 Mathematical Methods VCE Units 1 & 2, 2nd Edition eGuidePLUS

This digital-only teacher edition includes an electronic version of the entire student textbook (eBookPLUS) plus complementary digital resources designed for teachers such as printables, fully worked solutions, answers to all questions and more.

The latest editions from the Jacaranda Maths Quest VCE series include these key updates:

  • Features in-depth coverage of the Study Design plus support resources to assist teachers’ implementation of the curriculum
  • Thousands of new questions written for the series to expand students’ understanding and improve learning outcomes
  • Gradation of questions to ensure all students can experience success
  • Exciting new HTML5 interactivities and videos have been optimised for all devices

Topic 1: Linear relations and equations 

Topic 2: Algebraic foundations

Topic 3: Quadratic relationships

Topic 4: Cubic polynomials

Topic 5: Higher-degree polynomials

Topic 6: Functions and relations

REVISION: Topic 1 to 6

Topic 7: Matrices and applications to transformations


Topic 8: Probability         


Topic 9: Trigonometric functions 1

Topic 10: Trigonometric functions 2

Topic 11: Exponential functions

REVISION: Topics 9 to 11

Topic 12: Introduction to differential calculus

Topic 13: Differentiation and applications

Topic 14: Anti-differentiation and introduction to integral calculus

REVISION: Topics 12 to 14