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Jacaranda Humanities and Social Sciences 10 for Western Australia 2E LearnON & Print

ISBN: 9780730387558
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Jacaranda Humanities and Social Sciences 10 WA Curriculum, 2nd Edition learnON & Print
This combined print and digital title provides 100% coverage of the WA Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences. The textbook comes with a complimentary activation code for learnON, the powerful digital learning platform making learning personalised and visible for both students and teachers. The latest editions of Jacaranda Humanities and Social Sciences for Western Australia series include these key features:
  • Content is completely revised and updated, aligned to the WA Curriculum, and consistent across all platforms – learnON, eBookPLUS, PDF, iPad app and print
  • Concepts are brought to life with engaging content, diagrams and illustrations, and digital resources including interactivities, videos, weblinks and projects
  • Exercises are carefully sequenced and graded to allow for differentiated individual pathways through the question sets Answers and sample responses are provided for every question
  • HASS Skills are explored and developed through new SkillBuilders with our much-loved Tell me, Show me, Let me do it! approach
  • Brand new downloadable eWorkbooks provide additional differentiated, customisable activities to further develop students’ skills
  • Enhanced teaching support including teaching advice, lesson plans, work programs and quarantined assessments
For teachers, learnON includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and work programs.

Topic 1. HASS Skills and concepts

Topic 2. Civics and citizenship skills and concepts

Topic 3. Regional government and global citizenship

Topic 4. The High Court and Australia’s international agreements

Topic 5. Sustaining a cohesive society

Topic 6. Economics and business skills and concepts

Topic 7. Economic performance and living standards

Topic 8. Influencing consumers

Topic 9. Improving business productivity

Topic 10. Geography skills and concepts

Topic 11. Introducing environmental change and management

Topic 12. Land environments change and management

Topic 13. Coastal environments change and management

Topic 14. Urban change and management

Topic 15. Inland water change and management

Topic 16. Marina change and management

Topic 17. Measuring and improving wellbeing

Topic 18. Global variations in human wellbeing

Topic 19. Historical skills and concepts

Topic 20. The modern world and Australia

Topic 21. World War II

Topic 22. Rights and freedoms (1945-present)