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Jacaranda Humanities Alive 8 Victorian Curriculum 2E LearnON (Online Purchase)

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Jacaranda Humanities Alive 8 Victorian Curriculum, 2nd Edition learnON
This digital title provides 100% coverage of the Victorian Curriculum for Humanities. It is available on learnON, the powerful digital learning platform making learning personalised and visible for both students and teachers.

The latest editions of Jacaranda Humanities Alive Victorian Curriculum series include these key features:

  • Choice – four titles in one, or single-subject titles
  • teachON – video lessons by Victoria’s best teachers, teaching advice and lesson plans
  • learnON – our most powerful digital learning platform
    • An immersive digital platform in which students and teachers are connected
    • Rich media to engage and inspire
    • Immediate, corrective feedback for students and an in-built testmaker for teachers to create assignments from a large pool of questions for immediate, spaced and mixed practice.
    • Results reported against skills and content allow unmatched visibility of students’ progress.
  • Thinking Big research projects – creative, imaginative, collaborative activities
  • SkillBuilders – Tell me, Show me, Let me do it!

For teachers, learnON includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and work programs.

Video lesson: History
Topic 1: Historical skills and concepts
Topic 2: From the ancient to the modern world
Topic 3: The Vikings (c. 790-1066)
Topic 4: Medieval Europe (c. 590-1500)
Topic 5: The Ottoman Empire (c. 1299-1683)
Topic 6: Angkor and the Khmer Empire (c. 802-1431)
Topic 7: Mongol expansion (c. 1206-1368)
Topic 8: Japan under the shoguns (c. 794-1867)
Topic 9: Polynesian expansion across the Pacific (c. 700-1756)
Topic 10: Renaissance Italy (c. 1400-1600)
Topic 11: The Spanish conquest of the Americas (c. 1492-1572)

Video lesson: Geography
Topic 12: Geographical skills and concepts
Unit 1: Landforms and landscapes
Topic 13: Introducing landforms and landscapes
Topic 14: Landscapes formed by water
Topic 15: Desert landscapes
Topic 16: Mountain landscapes
Topic 17: Rainforest landscapes
Fieldwork inquiry: How does a waterway change from source to sea?
Unit 2: Changing nations
Topic 18: Urbanisation and people on the move
Topic 19: Our changing urban world
Topic 20: Managing and planning Australia's urban future
Geographical inquiry: Investigating and Asian megacity

Civics and Citizenship
Topic 21: Rights, freedoms, democracy and the law
Topic 22: Influences on Australian society and national identity

Economics and Business
Topic 23: The market system, government and consumer protection
Topic 24: Business decisions
Topic 25: The changing work environment