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Jacaranda Senior Geography 2 for Queensland Units 3&4 3E eBookPLUS + Print

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Jacaranda Senior Geography for Queensland 2 3e Print & eBookPLUS
This combined print and digital title provides a skills-rich, inquiry-based approach to engage students of all abilities, and is the only resource on the market written for the new Queensland Senior Geography Syllabus.

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The latest editions from the Jacaranda Senior Geography for Queensland series include these key updates:
  • Brand-new case studies to promote an inquiry approach to exploring geographical processes and patterns and the challenges they present to communities
  • Includes frameworks for fieldwork and investigations to foster strong analytical thinking, pattern recognition, synthesis, prediction and communication of understanding
  • Chapter questions and activities are aligned with the six Syllabus Objectives and include embedded spatial technologies activities
  • Teacher-quarantined tests are included in each topic, designed to build students’ skills and confidence in responding to Examination – combined response tasks
  • The series includes a wide range of rich activities and interactivities build students key geographical skills

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Acknowledgements ix

Unit 3 Responding to Land Cover Transformations 1

1 Land cover transformations and climate change 3

1.1 Overview 3

1.2 What is land cover and its distribution? 4

1.3 The Earth’s physical systems 9

1.4 Global climate systems 12

1.5 Changes to land cover 21

1.6 Anthropogenic activity and how it has transformed land cover 27

1.7 Anthropogenic activity and global warming 55

1.8 Review 74

2 Responding to local land cover transformations 77

2.1 Overview 77

2.2 Processes resulting in land cover change 78

2.3 The spatial pattern of land cover change 86

2.4 The effects of land cover change 99

2.5 Connections between people and physical systems 103

2.6 How can we mitigate our negative impacts on the land? 106

2.7 Fieldwork in the local area 110

2.8 Review 115

Unit 4 Managing Population Change 117

3 Population challenges in Australia 119

3.1 Overview 119

3.2 Demographic concepts 120

3.3 Changes in population 130

3.4 Factors affecting population change 136

3.5 Population patterns and trends 147

3.6 Local area population patterns 158

3.7 Implications for people and places of demographic change 170

3.8 Review 182

4 Global population change 185

4.1 Overview 185

4.2 Global patterns of population growth 186

4.3 An ageing world 202

4.4 Patterns of changing population distribution and density 210

4.5 People on the move: international and internal migration 216

4.6 Review 245

Glossary 247

Index 254