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Jacaranda Geoactive 1 Stage 4 NSW Australian Curriculum LearnON (Online Purchase)

ISBN: 9780730361350
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Jacaranda Geoactive 1 NSW Australian curriculum Stage 4, 4th Edition learnON

This digital titles provides 100% coverage of the NSW Australian curriculum for Geography. It is available with learnON, Jacaranda’s powerful and immersive digital learning platform.

The latest editions of Jacaranda Geoactive NSW Australian curriculum series include these key features:

  • SkillBuilders to develop students’ geographical skills in context of the content covered
  • Advice for data collection and using fieldwork instruments and techniques within the classroom, school or local environment
  • Teacher support including a BOSTES template Teaching Program for every chapter, advice, weblinks and Syllabus Outcomes links
  • One full-page topographic map and associated exercises per topic to enable students to develop essential mapping skills
  • New worksheets for students with learning support needs (including Life Skills) with each worksheet mapped to a life skill outcome
  • Brand new, up-to-date case studies written for the new curriculum, with links to additional case studies in the Jacaranda myWorld Atlas
  • The Fieldwork Inquiry and Geographical Inquiry ProjectPLUS to develop students’ inquiry skills through collaborative learning
  • A comprehensive range of interactivities, videos, weblinks, extended writing tasks, online content and worksheets to engage students
  • Easy to follow layout carefully integrating content, visually stimulating images, outcomes and skills to simplify lesson planning for teachers

For teachers, learnON includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and work programs.

To complement the Geoactive series, Jacaranda Atlas 9e and MyWorld Atlas (digital) is available for Years 7–10.

Topic 1. The world of Geography
Topic 2. The diversity and formation of landscapes and landforms
Topic 3. Valuing, managing and protecting landscapes and landforms
Topic 4. Desert landscapes
Topic 5. Mountain landscapes
Topic 6. Rainforest landscapes
Topic 7. Fieldwork Inquiry: How does a waterway change from source to sea?
Topic 8. Where do Australians live?
Topic 9. People and places
Topic 10. Liveable places
Topic 11. Geographical Inquiry: What is my place like?
Topic 12. Water in the world
Topic 13. Water resources and the water cycle
Topic 14. Water scarcity and mangement
Topic 15. Too much wind, too much water
Topic 16. Fieldwork Inquiry: What is the water quality of my local catchment?
Topic 17. Personal connections
Topic 18. Technology connecting people
Topic 19. Buy, swap, sell and give
Topic 20. For better or worse?
Topic 21. Fieldwork Inquiry: What are the effects of travel in the local community?