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Nature of Biology 2 5E VCE Units 3 and 4 eBookPLUS & Print + StudyOn VCE Biology Units 3 and 4 3E

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Nature of Biology 2 VCE Units 3 and 4, 5th Edition eBookPLUS & Print + studyON provides comprehensive coverage of the new VCE Study Design for 2016–2021. It includes Jacaranda’s unique exam preparation tool, studyON, which has been fully integrated with the text to maximise every student’s opportunity for exam success.

Features and benefits

  • New HTML5 interactivities are available. These are designed to engage, excite and enhance understanding by bringing difficult concepts to life.
  • The theory is written by highly experienced authors with a proven and fundamental understanding of how students learn and succeed in exams.
  • Quick check revision questions throughout the chapter check and challenge students’ understanding.
  • A wide range of graded end-of-chapter questions including a Biochallenge section.
  • studyON VCE Biology Units 3 and 4 is fully integrated with the student text. studyON is Jacaranda's unique study, revision and exam preparation tool.

Unit 3: Area of Study 1: Cellular processes 
Chapter 1: Cells: a review         
Chapter 2: Nucleic acids and proteins: a review 
Chapter 3: Enzymes and biochemical pathways          
Chapter 4: Energy transfers and transformations      
Unit 3: Area of Study 2: How do living systems sustain life?       
Chapter 5: Cellular signals           
Chapter 6: Pathogens all around us
Chapter 7: Immune defences against pathogens
Chapter 8: Defects of the immune system
Unit 4: Area of Study 1: Species relationships 
Chapter 9: Changes in genetic makeup of populations               
Chapter 10: Changes in biodiversity over time
Chapter 11: How are species related? 
Chapter 12: Human changes over time
Unit 4: Area of Study 2: Human impacts
Chapter 13: DNA manipulation      
Chapter 14: DNA applications in society  
Chapter 15: Manipulating genes in organisms           
Chapter 16: Biological knowledge in response to disease
Chapter 17: Practical investigations