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StudyOn HSC Personal Development, Health and Physical Education 2E (Online Purchase)

ISBN: 9780730357971
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studyON HSC PDHPE 2e

Jacaranda's unique exam preparation tool provides comprehensive coverage of the NSW PHDPE Stage 6 Syllabus. studyON allows students to practice past HSC exam questions plus hundreds of new questions. More than a study guide, studyON is an interactive and highly visual study, revision and exam practice tool designed to maximise every student’s opportunity for exam success.


Features and benefits

  • Includes HSC exam questions from 2006 onwards, carefully selected to directly correspond with the Syllabus.
  • Concept summary screens provide concise explanations, supported by relevant examples that link back to the eBookPLUS.
  • References to relevant pages in student texts provide additional information to fully explain concepts and hyperlinks provide quick access to relevant pages in the eBookPLUS.
  • Students can practise HSC and custom-authored questions on a particular concept, topic or the entire course, either online or offline.
  • Videos provide more information and visually explain concepts, helping students gain a deeper understanding, hands-on interactivities provide students with instant feedback, heightening their understanding of on-screen concepts.

studyON now comes free and fully integrated when you purchase the print with digital or digital-only title from the Jacaranda Outcomes 2 PDHPE HSC Course 6e series.