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Macquarie School Dictionary 3E (Hardback) + Bonus Compact Speller

ISBN: 9781742462882
Pub date:
RRP: $39.95
Macquarie School Dictionary 3E (Hardback) with Bonus Compact Speller, Australia's National Dictionary, the third edition of the best-selling Macquarie School Dictionary provides students with a fully updated, authoritative and user-friendly guide to language in both its traditional and contemporary usage. Entries have been especially selected from the Macquarie Dictionary database to meet the needs of students in the secondary school years.

This new edition features:
• More than 19,000 colour headwords and over 32,000 definitions
• Over 1,000 new entries including headwords such as vodcasting, webzine, helicopter parenting and chick lit
• Fully integrated thesaurus entries for almost 5,000 definitions
• Screened panels with notes on grammar and language conventions
• A simple re-spelling pronunciation system
• Appendices on spelling and other useful language references

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