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Jacaranda Physics 12 4E for NSW eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

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Jacaranda Physics 12 for NSW 4e eGuidePLUS

This digital-only teacher edition includes an electronic version of the entire student textbook (eBookPLUS) plus a rich bank of teacher support documents including printables, fully worked solutions, answers to questions and practical activities, editable module planners, Syllabus grid, practical notes and support and assessment tasks.

Chapter 1: Projectile motion       

Chapter 2: Circular motion          

Chapter 3: Motion and gravitational fields           

Chapter 4: Electric and magnetic fields   

Chapter 5: The Motor effect       

Chapter 6: Electromagnetic induction     

Chapter 7: Applications of the motor effect         

Chapter 8: Exploring the electromagnetic spectrum

Chapter 9: The wave model of light         

Chapter 10: The quantum model of light

Chapter 11: Light and special relativity

Chapter 12: Elemental origins

Chapter 13: The structure of the atom

Chapter 14: The atom and quantum mechanics

Chapter 15: Properties of the nucleus

Chapter 16: Deep inside the atom