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Jacaranda Atlas Ninth Edition eBookPLUS and Print

ISBN: 9780730346104
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RRP: $74.95

Jacaranda Atlas 9e Print with eBookPLUS
The iconic Jacaranda Atlas is celebrating 50 years with the 9th Edition. This new hardcover edition features brand new content and, for the first time, comes with a complimentary eBook that provides 1:1 correspondence with the print. Students and teachers get the best of both formats in a single resource—high quality and award-winning print maps, plus interactive digital maps and tools.

More than just a reference, the Jacaranda Atlas fully supports the curriculum at every year level from 7-12 and can be used to teach essential geographical skills.

Topic 1: Exploring Places
Topic 2: Investigating Themes
Topic 3: Building Skills and Concepts