Jacaranda NSW Government Schools Maths Initiative

Sponsored by Texas Instruments

This Initiative enables NSW Government schools to provide every student with year-long, digital access to Jacaranda Maths Quest, at a price accessible for every budget.

This initiative is sponsored by:

We are deeply committed to levelling the playing field in mathematics

We at Jacaranda have been working with NSW Government schools for over 65 years, and after years of partnership, we understand that budget constraints are resulting in a growing gap in access to learning resources, raising the issue of student equity and creating a world of haves and have nots. We also know that mathematics is a building-block subject, and students can lose confidence quickly if they don’t understand a concept and fall behind. Equally, they can get bored if they can’t progress when they are ready to move on.

We believe by allowing every student the opportunity to access the same high-quality mathematics resources, it will level the playing field and create a more equitable and engaging learning environment for all.

Equity for every classroom

Every student gets 1:1 access to the same high-quality maths resources, creating a more equitable environment and better learning outcomes for everyone.

Quality maths resources

Jacaranda Maths Quest resources are carefully crafted to ensure that no student is held back, and no student is left behind. Texas Instruments calculators allow you to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen.

Support every step of the way

We are here to support you in your digital learning journey and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

  • What is included

    When your school adopts this initiative, you will get access to:

    Jacaranda Maths Quest digital resources for every student in your selected year level(s)

    • Access to all our digital formats to meet your school’s unique needs – use one or switch between formats. You’ll get access to learnON (our fully immersive online course), eBookPLUS or printable PDFs

    • A TI-30XB Multiview Scientific Calculator for every maths teacher* at your school, including the Emulator software. The school will also be eligible for a 25 User Class Kit for the duration of the license.

    • Complimentary support, services and resources including teacher training, webinars and more.

  • Who it is for

    The NSW Government Schools Maths Initiative sponsored by Texas Instruments is available exclusively to NSW Government schools only.

  • Pricing and how to buy

    Thanks to our sponsor, Texas Instruments, we are able to offer NSW Government schools an exclusive and highly accessible price of $13.75 per student (ex. GST $12.50). This price is per title and is available as an institutional licence only and requires full-year level(s) commitment.

    NSW Government schools may also opt to upgrade this offer with the Jacaranda Maths Quest Supercourse for Years 7-10 or stages at a special discounted rate.

    NSW Government schools can purchase the NSW Government Schools Maths Initiative direct from Jacaranda or through our trusted Bookseller partners.


    This initiative is a self set-up offer, which means the schools will be required to set up their own teacher and student accounts. But don’t worry we have streamlined the process and made it very simple to do!

    Schools will be supplied digital access MasterCodes to self-set up their teachers and student, plus will be entitled to host the content on school LMS for the length of the license.  Complimentary textbooks for teachers may also be available by request, based on overall student enrolment numbers.

  • Terms and Conditions

    To view the Terms & Conditions for the Institutional License of this initiative, please click here.

Services and support

The value doesn’t just stop at the price, we will support you in your digital learning journey. Schools will receive complimentary services, training and support and access to tools to simplify implementation and maximise your school’s investment.

When you adopt this initiative, your school will get access to:

An experienced team

Our dedicated team will work closely with your school to understand your unique requirements and teaching goals to bring your vision to life with your Jacaranda resources.

Tailored training

Receive complimentary and highly tailored training to meet the specific needs of your school and teachers, with access to webinars, in-person training, professional development and ad-hoc support.

Self-help resources

If you’re more of a self-help type, you have access to a huge range of self-serve resources such as guides, videos, help articles and more to help you get started and get the most out of your resources.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Is this initiative only available to Government Schools in NSW?

    Yes. This offer is only available for NSW Government schools.

    If you are not from an NSW Government school, we aim to offer schools highly competitive print with digital and digital-only pricing and would be pleased to provide a quote for your school. Please reach out to your local Jacaranda Education Consultant to organise a quote.

  • Is this initiative available to Government schools from states outside NSW?

    No. This is a pilot program for which we have identified NSW as an particularly underserved market in terms of access to learning resources.

  • Is this initiative available for subjects outside of maths?

    No. We identified maths as a critical, key learning area where the equity issue is prominent and impacting on student learning outcomes.

  • Can I purchase this initiative via my schools Bookseller or Supplier?

    Yes. This initiative is available both direct via Jacaranda or from the school’s preferred Bookseller or Supplier.

  • Does this offer include printed resources?

    No. This initiative is a digital-only offer. However, complimentary textbooks for teachers may also be available by request, based on overall student enrolment numbers

  • Does my school/parents have to pay for every student in the year?

    Yes. The price is per student for the entire year-level as part of an institutional licence. This means your school (or parents) will pay $13.75 for every student in your selected year level.

  • Can you offer schools a trial before making a full commitment?

    Yes. We are happy to provide teacher trials for Maths Quest digital resources. Contact your local Jacaranda Consultant to organise a trial.

  • Can we use one log in for multiple students?

    No. Pricing is set as a per-student licence for a one-year subscription and cannot be reused, recycled or share amongst students.

  • I am a NSW Government School teacher. Can I purchase the Jacaranda Maths Quest digital resource for myself at this price?

    No.  This special offer is the digital resource per student, per annum license price, based on school uptake for the year level.   Teachers will be supplied complimentary digital teaching resources and print copy on request, as part of this new offer.

  • Does my school have to sign a licensing agreement?

    Yes. Our Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of use of the digital license by teachers and students, for transparency and to enable schools the full value of the resource for the year-long license term.

  • Will we also get access to PDFs for those students with bad internet or no device at home?

    Yes. You will get access to all Jacaranda’s digital formats – eBookPLUS, learnON, and PDF. Schools taking up this offer will also be permitted under terms and conditions of license to host the PDF on the LMS for the duration of the digital license term.

  • Will my school and teachers get support and training for using these digital resources?

    Yes. We will be there every step of the way with training, webinars and self-help resources to support your school and maximise your investment.

  • I'm interested in the Maths Supercourse. Can I access special pricing for the Supercourse?

    Yes. NSW Government schools may opt to upgrade this offer with the Supercourse at a special discounted rate. Please reach out to your local Jacaranda Consultant to organise a quote.

  • What is the nature of the joint partnership with Texas Instruments?

    We have partnered with Texas Instrument to enable us to provide NSW Government Schools with a price that is accessible for all budgets. No purchase from Texas Instruments is required to be eligible for the NSW Government Schools Initiative.

  • What are the Terms and Conditions of this initiative?

    You can read the Terms & Conditions for the Institutional License of this initiative, by clicking here.

    In addition, for schools who adopt this initiative in 2021, we offer more continuality by locking in this low introductory price for you until the end of the 2024 school year.