Interactive Geography atlas for Years 7-10

myWorld Atlas takes the content of the iconic printed Jacaranda Atlas online to bring Geography to life.

Award-winning, best in class digital learning resource

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Discover myWorld Atlas

Bring Geography to life.

myWorld Atlas is Jacaranda’s unique digital atlas that enables students to explore the world and test their geographical skills. Featuring 190 fascinating case studies, 3 hours of National Geographic and ABC footage, and 1,000 interactive questions, myWorld Atlas engages students in curriculum-required content like never before.

With myWorld Atlas Teacher Edition, teachers can access individual student and classroom results to track progress and performance, and create reports on student achievement.

While myWorld Atlas makes a great addition to any classroom, Jacaranda Geography Alive or Jacaranda Geoactive customers will especially appreciate the links to relevant case studies in the myWorld Atlas for teachers seeking supplementary content to develop deeper student learning.

Together, myWorld Atlas and the Jacaranda Geography text provide a complete teaching solution for Years 7-10.

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Covers 50 geographical skills and required content so teachers can have confidence that the myWorld Atlas is a valuable tool for the classroom

Includes an interactive question bank with 1,000 video, multiple choice and short answer questions that provide instant feedback

Features GIS-style maps, a statistical query tool and case studies for each year level at different scales (local, national, regional and global)

Provides additional insights for teachers via a student progress tracker which pinpoints individual student strengths and weaknesses

Accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device from the JacarandaPLUS online portal, as part of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle or standalone purchase

Why use myWorld Atlas?

myWorld Atlas complements existing classroom practice by delivering a range of benefits to both students and teachers:

Increases student engagement

myWorld Atlas provides a dynamic, interactive world that instantly engages and motivates students to practise key Geographical skills. Unlike print atlases, students can progress through interesting case studies, watch stunning video footage and complete auto-marked questions.

myWorld Atlas engagement

Enables early intervention

With myWorld Atlas, a built-in progress tracker ensures students have full visibility of their achievement as they complete the 1,000 interactive questions. With myWorld Atlas Teacher Edition, teachers can view and report on individual student and aggregated class results. The ability to identify individual students’ strengths and weaknesses means that teachers can intervene at the right time.

myWorld Atlas intervention

Saves valuable teacher time

myWorld Atlas includes auto-marked questions that not only help prevent the creation of misconceptions, but reduce marking time for teachers. New case studies provide ready-made content that specifically addresses curriculum content descriptions to help with planning and preparation.

myWorld Atlas saves time

What are teachers saying about myWorld Atlas?

Australian International Academy Kellyville NSW

“Students love to search on the myWorld Atlas and they engage with the videos and texts.”

Sumaia Elkadomi, Teacher, Australian International Academy Kellyville, NSW


Mater Maria Catholic College NSW

“Students find History more ‘alive’ and engaging thanks to the web links, interactivities and video clips available in the eBook and myWorld History Atlas.”

Sharon Esterman, Teacher, Mater Maria Catholic College Warriewood, NSW

Media gallery

  • Study 50 Geography Skills

    Across 75 amazing locations and 190 fascinating case studies

  • Over 3 hours of video content

    myWorld Atlas

    From reputable sources including National Geographic and ABC

  • Build your own world

    myWorld Atlas

    Design, print and save your own interactive maps

  • 1,000+ Questions

    myWorld Atlas

    Questions are interactive and provide students with instant feedback

  • Track your progress

    myWorld Atlas

    myWorld provides complete visibility allowing students to track and measure their progress

myWorld Atlas FAQ

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  • Does the Teacher Edition come with access to myWorld Atlas that students use?

    Yes. myWorld Atlas Teacher Edition includes access to myWorld Atlas Student Edition.

  • Is myWorld Atlas linked to the relevant Jacaranda resource?

    Yes. myWorld Atlas is completely aligned to the Geography Alive and Geoactive series, which include links to the relevant case studies in myWorld Atlas.

  • Is myWorld Atlas linked to the curriculum?

    Yes. The myWorld Atlas is designed to covers 50 key Geographical skills and content descriptions through case studies and interactive questions.

    myWorld Atlas is suitable for use in all states across Australia.

  • Is myWorld Atlas compatible with the iPad?


  • What are the system requirements for using myWorld Atlas?

    To use myWorld Atlas, at home or in the classroom, each student will need:

    • modern hardware (iPad or Android tablet, laptop or desktop)
    • an up-to-date internet browser
    • good internet connection
    • JavaScript enabled (most browsers are enabled by default)

How to buy myWorld Atlas?

myWorld Atlas is available as a standalone purchase, as part of a value pack (combined with the Geography Alive or Geoactive text) or as part of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle (a package of 10+ premium digital resources) to suit the needs of all schools and individual parents.

Below is a brief summary of all options:

Standalone Value Pack Jacaranda Digital Bundle
Individual online purchase via the Jacaranda Shop
Payment is made over a secure connection
myWorld Atlas Student Edition $15.00
myWorld Atlas Teacher Edition $114.95
Visit our shop to view value packs
Value pack pricing from $64.95
Not available as an individual online purchase. Institutional license only. Contact your Jacaranda Sales Consultant for more information.
Institutional license Contact your Jacaranda Sales Consultant for more information.
Bundle pricing from $115 per student.