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A full lesson on one screen. Trusted, curriculum‑aligned learning content. Engaging, rich multimedia. Extra support resources always in reach. Deep insights into student progress. Immediate feedback for students. Custom assignments created in just a few clicks.

learnON is everything you need to prepare and deliver effective lessons in one place.

Powerful technology that just works

You do the teaching, we bring the tools. With learnON, students have everything they need to learn, in class or at home. Concepts are presented in a variety of ways so students can independently learn and progress. learnON comes with these powerful features:

A part of every lesson







Used by Australia’s most innovative schools to improve student engagement and outcomes.

Hear from David Sheil from St. Dominic’s College about how learnON has helped to identify learning gaps and support their students across multiple learning areas.

Frequently asked questions

What is learnON?

learnON is a powerful online teaching and learning platform. It delivers the full course online – from reading content and questions right through to assessments and reporting.

What is the difference between eBookPLUS and learnON?

eBookPLUS / eGuidePLUS is the electronic version of a Jacaranda textbook that includes some extra digital resources. It is a one-way teaching and learning tool, meaning students aren’t connected to their teacher.

learnON is a powerful online learning platform that enables teachers and students to be connected. It delivers the entire course – everything you need is in the one place. Teachers can easily track students’ progress and access a huge bank of extra resources including videos, worksheets, questions with immediate feedback, interactivities, quarantined resources and much more.

Does learnON come with eGuidePLUS?

No. With learnON, there is a single learnON title for both teachers and students— meaning there’s no need for teachers to purchase a separate eGuidePLUS. Your teacher-only resources will be available in learnON, in the teacher view. Students will only see a student view, while teachers can toggle between teacher view and student view with the click of a button.

Will training be provided for teachers? What support is available?

Yes. The platform is very intuitive to use but we are always here to help you get the most out of your learnON title.

On-demand support resources: There are a variety of self-help resources available including how-to videos, help articles, guides and in-platform support. You can check out the support resources here.

Customer Service: You can reach out to our award-winning Customer Service team over the phone at 1800 JACPLUS (1 800 522 7587) from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Brisbane time, or by email at [email protected]

In-person / online training: You can request one-to-one, faculty or whole school training by reaching out to one of our friendly Jacaranda Consultants.

I purchased a textbook. Will I also get online access?

Yes. All Jacaranda textbooks come with a free online access code on the inside cover.

Around 95% of Jacaranda titles are available on the learnON platform. If learnON is available for your title, you will get access to the platform. If your title is not yet available on learnON you will get access to eBookPLUS.

I would like a quote for my school. Who should I ask?

If you would like to organise a quote for your school, please contact your Jacaranda Consultant or trusted bookseller.

Can I purchase learnON titles via a Bookseller?

Yes. Jacaranda learnON titles are available both direct via Jacaranda or from the school’s preferred Bookseller or Supplier.

Do you offer package deals for learnON titles?

Yes. We offer a great range of high-value teaching and learning packages:

If you would like more information on any of these packages, please contact your Jacaranda Consultant or trusted bookseller.

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o Create and manage assignments 

o Generate reports on class and student progress

o Upload your own content into the platform 

Safe for Schools

learnON has been assessed by Safer Schools Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) and has successfully qualified to be part of the ST4S Product Badge Program in 2020. Learn more at

What is Safer Technologies 4 Schools?

The Safer Technologies 4 Schools service is a national standardised approach to evaluating digital products and services used by schools across Australia. It is supported by the state and territory governments and the Catholic and independent school sectors.

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