Getting started with JacPLUS

Take these 4 easy steps to make the most out of your JacPLUS resources – in just 10 minutes! 


Set up your classes in learnON (1.5 mins)

Setting up your classes is essential if you would like to assign work and track student and class progress in learnON – luckily it takes less than a minute to do!


Watch this introduction to learnON video (8 mins)

Discover all the ins and outs of the learnON platform, from what you can find on your Dashboard right through to accessing your class results.


Read the JacPLUS Starter Pack

Inside you’ll discover more about your JacPLUS resources, key steps to kick start your year, and get a sneak peek at what’s new for your digital resources in 2024. Everything you need to know for a great experience with Jacaranda.


Send your students these handy videos

Get all students on the same page from Day 1! In just 4 mins, your students will know how to connect to you online and navigate their learnON title. You can email the links or add them to your LMS.

How to connect to your teacher online (1 min)

Prefer a printable flyer? Download the How to connect with your teacher in learnON flyer.

An introduction to learnON for students (3 mins)

Ready to get started with your
online resources?