English online skills game for Years 7-10

Knowledge Quest uses games-based learning to improve students’ grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.

Discover Knowledge Quest

The essential companion to the English is… series

Knowledge Quest is an online skills game that seamlessly mixes educational content with gameplay to help students learn and master essential English skills and prepare for NAPLAN in a fun, dynamic and supportive online environment.

Specifically designed to complement the Jacaranda English is… series, Knowledge Quest covers important content not included in the English is… text such as grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as extending students’ vocabulary.

With Knowledge Quest Teacher Edition, teachers can view individual, group and classroom results to track progress and performance.

Together, Knowledge Quest and the Jacaranda English is… series provide a complete English resource for Years 7-10 that meets curriculum requirements.


Motivates students to learn key English skills and concepts that are required by the curriculum and not covered in the Jacaranda text

Prepares Years 7 and 9 students with graded, NAPAN-style quizzes that provide instant feedback to save teachers time

Makes learning more personalised, allowing students to progress at their own pace and create and customise their own characters

Provides visibility of results to students and teachers (at a concept, topic or module level) to pinpoint students’ strengths and weaknesses

Enables students to easily and independently complete the game, inside or outside regular classroom hours, with minimal teacher involvement

Accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device from the JacarandaPLUS online portal, as part of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle or standalone purchase

Why use Knowledge Quest?

Unlike regular online games, Knowledge Quest helps solve common English teaching and learning problems by delivering a range of benefits:

Increases student engagement

Knowledge Quest provides a visually stunning and interactive digital environment to motivate students to practise key language and grammar skills. Features such as the ability to create and customise a character and explore a challenging game setting result in an immersive experience that is not only fun, but also assists in the retention of learning.

Provides visibility across student progress in language skill development

With the Teacher Edition, teachers have access to individual, group and classroom results at a concept, topic or module level, as well as an overview of the learning path that students have taken to get there.  Teachers can use these evidence-based insights to intervene at the right time.

Prepares students for NAPLAN tests

Teachers can help Years 7 and 9 students get ready for this crucial test with graded NAPLAN- style questions for each concept. Teachers can verbally assign specific topics in advance (based on classroom or individual results) or let students self-select what they want to review.

Caters for different learning styles

Designed for educational use, each concept is presented in a pedagogical order to cater for different learning styles. The sequence allows students to be introduced to the concept, put the concept into context with real-world examples, and then practise application of the concept. As a final step, students complete a NAPLAN-style quiz to test their understanding.

How does Knowledge Quest help students learn English?

Combining and latest in educational theory and the mechanics of popular video games, Knowledge Quest immerses students in a world where they set off on quests and defeat monsters, cross treacherous terrain, find loot and decode locks—all by using and practising English skills.

Through play, students learn from these four core modules of English skills required in the Australian Curriculum’s Language and Literacy strands and sub-strands:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Vocabulary

Click here for a breakdown of the modules covered in Knowledge Quest

Designed to teach and assess, modules are broken down into concepts (or quests) to provide bite-sized learning for students to master. Each quest is a mini-lesson. Students begin with a tutorial to practice their skills and then progress through a series of challenges with increasing difficulty before completing a final skillmastery test.

Knowledge Quest is available in two levels to allow continuity of skill development, both inside and outside the classroom.

Year 6 Knowledge Quest 1
Year 7
Year 8 Knowledge Quest 2
Year 9
Year 10

What are teachers saying about Knowledge Quest?

Glen Waverley Secondary College

“Knowledge Quest provides a fantastic opportunity for students to work at their own pace and work on modules that are relevant to them…[however], this doesn’t mean the teacher steps back completely from the learning. Students are connected to their teacher and it’s easier to see how each student is doing…”

Kylie Price, Head of English, Glen Waverly Secondary College, VIC

Rowville Secondary College, VIC

“The Knowledge Quest worksheets have been a great homework task resource. The ease of access and suitability of content has worked really well with my language conventions lessons.”

Brittany Galea, Teacher, Rowville Secondary College, VIC

Australian Christian College, NSW

“The resources form a toolkit that I use to build engaging lessons…My mixed ability classes have both a learning framework and extension activities, including ‘Knowledge Quest time’ to reinforce learned concepts.”

Rachel Eriksen, Teacher, Australian Christian College, NSW

Sacred Heart College Geelong

“[Knowledge Quest makes] some of the more repetitive skills exercises in English a lot more fun an interactive…”

Carl Tracey, Junior School Specialist, SHC Geelong, VIC

St John’s Lutheran School, QLD

“Knowledge Quest motivates students to complete online tasks, extending learning beyond the classroom.”

Braydan Wilson, ICT Coordinator, St John’s Lutheran School, Kingaroy, QLD

Media gallery

  • Curriculum-aligned learning

    Covers essential skills from the Language and Literacy strands of the Australian Curriculum and aligns directly with the English Is… series

  • Monster duels

    Monster battles

    Monster duels present an exciting way to teach and reinforce students’ understanding in areas such as spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Earn Rewards

    Students unlock new characters and powers that they can build on as they progress through the game       

Knowledge Quest FAQ

Click on the [+] or [–] to expand/collapse.

  • Is Knowledge Quest linked to the Australian Curriculum?

    Yes. Knowledge Quest covers key skills from two sub-strands of the Language and Literacy strands of the Australian Curriculum: language (text structure and organisation, expressing and developing ideas and sound and letter knowledge) and literacy (interpreting, analysing and evaluating). Click here for a breakdown of the modules covered in Knowledge Quest. Knowledge Quest is suitable for use in all states across Australia.

  • Does the Teacher Edition come with access to the Knowledge Quest game that students use?

    Yes. Knowledge Quest Teacher Edition includes access to Knowledge Quest 1 Student Edition or Knowledge Quest 2 Student Edition.

  • Are the Knowledge Quest print and digital resources linked?

    Yes. The Knowledge Quest 1 and 2 student workbooks and online games mirror the same concept-based scaffolding.

  • What are the system requirements for using Knowledge Quest?

    To use Knowledge Quest, at home or in the classroom, each student will need:

    • modern hardware (iPad or Android tablet, laptop or desktop)
    • an up-to-date internet browser
    • good internet connection
    • JavaScript enabled (most browsers are enabled by default)

How to buy Knowledge Quest?

Knowledge Quest is available as a standalone purchase, as part of a value pack (combined with the English is… text) or as part of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle (a package of 10+ premium digital resources) to suit the needs of all schools and individual parents.

Standalone Value Pack Jacaranda Digital Bundle 
Individual online purchase via the Jacaranda Shop
Payment is made over a secure connection
Knowledge Quest 1
Student Edition – $29.95
Teacher Edition – $114.95
Value pack pricing from $34.95
Visit our shop to view value packs
Not available as an individual online purchase. Institutional license only. Contact your Jacaranda Sales Consultant for more information.
Knowledge Quest 2
Student Edition – $29.95
Teacher Edition – $114.95
Value pack pricing from $34.95
Visit our shop to view value packs
Institutional license Contact your Jacaranda Sales Consultant for more information.
Bundle pricing start from $115 per student.

Looking for print?

For customers who prefer print, Knowledge Quest is also available as a package that includes a full-colour, flexible student workbook. This combination offers a print and digital solution that maximises the advantages of each medium. To purchase individual subscriptions, click here for Knowledge Quest 1, and click here for Knowledge Quest 2. For institutional licenses, please contact your Jacaranda Sales Consultant.