Jacaranda’s complete 7-12 eLibrary

for less than the cost of one traditional textbook

just $75 per student per year*. Print options available.

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Trusted content

Access to all Jacaranda’s curriculum‑aligned, award-winning titles on Australia’s most powerful learning platform.

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Simple set up

Set up for all teachers and students, LMS integration** — let us take care of everything and give you back valuable time.

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Everything you need

Reading content, videos, eWorkbooks, pracs, quizzes, assessments, reporting … everything you need for engaging lessons, in one place.

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Learning made visible

Powerful analytics, real-time progress reports and year‑on‑year insights to support teaching and learning.

Unparalleled value for schools

Jacaranda’s new digital subscription offer, the Jacaranda eLibrary, is unlike anything else in the market. With the eLibrary, all teachers and students at your school will have access to Jacaranda’s complete collection of Years 7-12 online learning resources – for less than the cost of one traditional textbook.

See what’s included in the Jacaranda eLibrary for your state:

Watch the eLibrary virtual launch

Watch this video of our virtual launch, which unpacks how the Jacaranda eLibrary will support your school with unparalleled value that doesn’t just stop at the price. 

Pricing and how to buy

The Jacaranda eLibrary is available to schools from just $75 per student, as a yearly subscription.

Want print? You can add textbooks for just $30 per copy. Minimum orders and conditions apply.

For more information, please reach out to us or your school’s trusted bookseller.


Yearly subscription per student*


Yearly subscription per student*


Frequently asked questions

What is included in the Jacaranda eLibrary?

The Jacaranda eLibrary includes all the Years 7-12 resources available for your state curriculum, plus a range of resources from other curricula.

Check out what’s available for your state below:

New South Wales
How much does it cost?

The standard Jacaranda eLibrary subscription is $75 per student, per year, conditional on full Years 7-12 uptake.

Not ready for a full 7-12 uptake? f you have fewer year levels at your school or just want to subscribe for select year levels (e.g., Years 10 & 11) the subscription is available at $115 per student, per year.

Want something different? Speak to us about your school’s specific needs.

Will the resources be refreshed every year?

Yes. If new editions or new titles of Jacaranda resources become available for your state/curriculum, they will automatically be added to the eLibrary each year.

Can we also get print textbooks if we subscribe to the Jacaranda eLibrary?

Yes. You can include as many Jacaranda print textbooks as you like — for just an additional $30 per copy.

Is there support available to schools who subscribe?

Yes, lots in fact! From technical set up for every student and teacher so everyone is ready from day one, PD, to day-to-day dedicated support – we are here every step of the way for you. Meet our friendly Sales and Customer Success team who will look after your school.

How do we place an order?

You can purchase the Jacaranda eLibrary via Jacaranda directly or your school’s trusted bookseller.

* Terms and Conditions apply. Whole school 7–12 commitment required for the $75 subscription pricing.
** Most Learning Management Systems supported. Talk to us about your school’s needs.

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