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Professional Development for Teachers

This course is for teachers who want to become responsible digital citizens and have the expertise to discuss these issues with students.

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Become a responsible digital citizen

For educators, it’s important to have the necessary knowledge to use technology in a safe and ethical manner, while also having the skills to teach students about what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.
That’s why Jacaranda – in partnership with Roar Educate – have developed the new Jacaranda Digital Citizenship Professional Development for Teachers. An online course that educates teachers, school leaders and education specialists on how to become a responsible digital citizen, while providing the language and expertise to be able to discuss these issues with students.

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Why is Digital Citizenship education important?

It’s clear that students will benefit from learning from a teacher that is both informed and educated in what it means to be a good digital citizen, but beyond that there are even more reasons why schools and teachers should engage in Digital Citizenship education, here are a few:
  • For school leadership

    Enhance your brand, ensure your teachers have the skills to use technology responsibly and have the ability to teach students about safety online

    – Provides proof of “duty of care”
    – Leverages existing Jacaranda infrastructure and investment
    – Promotes proactive intervention of issues
    – Ensures your teachers have the skills to maintain a safe online presence
    – Provides your teachers with essential professional development
    – Gives you the confidence that your teachers are addressing the requirements of the curriculum

  • For teachers

    Become a safe and responsible digital citizen and have the confidence to pass that knowledge onto your students

    – Gives teachers confidence in their coverage of the ICT capability requirements from the curriculum
    – It helps you better understand the perspective of young people in your care
    – Provides you with the language you need to discuss these issues with your students
    – Gives teachers the skills to maintain a safe online presence
    – You will be contributing to your professional development requirements

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some common questions about the course.
  • Who should take the course?

    The course has been carefully designed to meet the needs of teachers, school leaders and education specialists. The course is also suitable for parents who want to learn how to implement online safety for themselves and their children.

  • What does the course cover?

    This course includes these eight relevant and interactive topics:

    Topic 1: Digital citizenship — introduction Topic 5: A font of knowledge but is it true?
    Topic 2: You are what you (or others) post Topic 6: Is everything free online?
    Topic 3: It’s personal — keeping your personal data safe Topic 7: Basic netiquette and dealing with others’ bad behaviour
    Topic 4: Security and privacy settings 101 Topic 8: Bullying online

  • How long does the course take?

    This course should take approximately 4 hours to complete.

  • Will the course count towards Professional Development hours?

    Yes. Once you have completed the course you will receive a certificate as evidence for your professional development requirements.

  • Is this course registered with NESA?

    Yes, the course is a NESA Registered PD.

  • How will I link what I'm learning back to what my students will be learning?

    We are pleased to provide one complimentary copy of the student version Jacaranda Digital Citizenship per license or purchase of the Jacaranda Digital Citizenship Professional Development for Teachers course.

What you’ll love about the course

The Jacaranda Digital Citizenship Professional Development for Teachers course provides you with content that is relevant and easy to digest, alongside a range of engaging multimedia and interactivities. Here are some features you can look forward to:
  • Topic Videos

    Each lesson begins with a video that introduces you to the key concepts and ideas you are about to explore in that topic.

    digital citizenship pd for teachers course videos

  • Expert Interviews

    A series of videos with experts in their field including an IT Lawyer and e-Security Specialist,  which provide professional input on a variety of topics.

    digital citizenship pd for teachers expert interviews

  • Tips

    Throughout the course we have provided a range of practical tips that you can use to implement cyber safety in both your professional and personal life.

    digital citizenship pd for teachers course tips

  • Glossary terms

    Glossary terms hover-links allow you to view definitions of key terms, which act as a quick reference tool and help consolidate understanding.

    digital citizenship pd for teachers glossary terms

  • Resources

    Resources and links to external websites have been included to support your learning and provide references for the content you have covered in the topic.

    digital citizenship pd for teachers course resources

  • Customisation

    Customisation features such as highlighting, notes and favourites to personalise the learning experience and help you retain key information.

    digital citizenship pd for teachers highlighting notes

Pricing and how to buy

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Digital license duration 18 months 12 months
Offers For every license or purchase of Jacaranda Digital Citizenship Professional Development for Teachers course you will receive one free copy of the student version Jacaranda Digital Citizenship.

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