Included in the Bundle

Services and support

Jacaranda Bundles come with complimentary services delivered by learning specialists.

We understand that starting (or progressing) a school’s digital journey may seem overwhelming for some teachers and schools. That’s why all Jacaranda Digital Bundle and Jacaranda Value Bundle customers receive complimentary services and support to help with the transition.

An experienced team at your service

Every school that adopts a Jacaranda Bundle is assigned a dedicated team including an Education Consultant and Customer Success Specialist. This team works together to address the school’s unique needs and deliver a range of services, from initial set-up and training through to ongoing support.

Customer Success Specialist
There every step of the way

The Customer Success Specialist is there for each step of the school’s Jacaranda Bundle adoption, offering day-to-day teacher and student product access and support. The Customer Success Specialist will assess the best method to seamlessly implement the Jacaranda Bundle into the school. They are responsible for account set-up and making sure users can access their digital learning resources in preparation for the new school year.

Education Consultant
There to provide information and training on Jacaranda learning resources

The Education Consultant is there to discuss the school’s digital or print needs, and resources for specific learning areas. The Education Consultant will organise and facilitate training across all products in the Jacaranda Bundle, while keeping teachers informed about exciting new resources or services that Jacaranda can provide.


Worry free implementation and set-up

Shortly after a school adopts a Jacaranda Bundle, the implementation and set-up process begins. Working closely with the school’s key contact(s), the Customer Success Specialist will gather all relevant data to ensure the school is ready from day one of the new school year.

Digital Assessment

The Customer Success Specialist will work with the school’s IT administrator to complete a Digital Assessment. This assessment includes a questionnaire designed to evaluate a schools digital capabilities. An IT Administration Guide will be also provided. This detailed document includes guidelines to ensure a smooth implementation and troubleshooting advice. It also allows the Customer Success Specialist to seamlessly implement the Jacaranda Bundle based on the schools’ unique digital needs.

Service Level Agreement

During the onboarding process, the Customer Success Specialist will provide the school with a Service Level Agreement. This document includes all relevant Jacaranda Bundle details such as implementation timelines, data required, and an adoption summary that contains records of all user accounts and resources.


Training tailored to you

Together, the Education Consultant and Customer Specialist equip schools and teachers with the knowledge and skills to effectively use Jacaranda digital resources, before the start of the new year and on an ongoing basis.

To ensure a smooth start to the new year, the Education Consultant will provide the schools with a selection of training options based on the schools needs, from general learnON navigation to subject specific sessions. These sessions can be carried out face-to-face or via webinar.

Throughout the school year, a variety of training options are available including set and ad-hoc training sessions (one-to-one with teachers, administrators or complete faculties), training documents and webinars.

Common topics that can be covered in these sessions are:

  • How to access your JacPLUS account and navigate the bookshelf
  • How to use Jacaranda digital resources (learnON and other supplementary digital products)
  • How to get the most out of Jacaranda digital resources in the classroom (for example, how to use learnON and assessON to teach Mathematics)
  • How to troubleshoot your Jacaranda digital resources
  • How to use the School Management Portal to support your school (for school administrators only)


Support when you need it

The Education Consultant and Customer Success Specialist are always available to answer questions, provide technical support or offer advice throughout the school year. In addition, Jacaranda offers a variety of complimentary support options to ensure users receive help when they need it.

Phone support

The Customer Service team can handle general and ad-hoc enquires at a teacher, parent or student level. The team is available from Monday until Friday, 8am until 4:30pm (Brisbane time) at 1800 JACPLUS (522 758). If required, IT administrators may be in contact with the Technical Support Coordinator. This applies to any escalated support issues as identified by the Customer Success Specialist.

Online support

Users can receive just-in-time help from the Jacaranda Support portal. Here, schools will find a variety of articles with step-by-step instructions, frequently asked questions and detailed documentation.

In-platform support

With learnON, help is available at the click of a button. All learnON titles include walk-through tutorials which take users through specific tasks, step-by-step and in real time.


What are customers saying about our support?

The Jacaranda Bundle Offers have helped many Australian schools achieve their education goals, and Jacaranda’s additional services and support are crucial factors in their success. See below what our customers have to say about how Jacaranda’s support services improved their digital experiences.


Critical for us was the ability to build and lean on a strong relationship with Jacaranda and take advantage of what they offer in terms of training and support.”

Alexandra Secondary College

“The comprehensive information, great learning activities and terrific teacher support means that I know what I’m doing and the students can have confidence in my teaching.”


Brisbane Grammar

“Digital products are portable, give prompt feedback, link to the relevant resource. Jacaranda help desk responds quickly and appropriately. assessON reduces my marking and helps me monitor my students’ progress.”

Want more?

A variety of complimentary extras are available exclusively to Jacaranda Bundle customers.

School Management Portal

A central hub for schools to gain access, information and insights.

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Jacaranda Dashboard

Gain insights into Jacaranda digital resource usage.

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