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School Management Portal

The Jacaranda School Management Portal provides schools with insights, practical access and important resources for the Jacaranda Bundle.

The Jacaranda School Management Portal is a central hub for administrators and key leaders to manage and gain insights into the usage of your Jacaranda Bundle.

The portal is accessed through the JacarandaPLUS bookshelf and consists of three modules: Dashboard (view digital resource usage), Accounts Manager (manage and edit user accounts) and Account Documentation (access useful resources). These modules are designed to support a school’s digital learning journey from implementation through to day-to-day use, while providing usage insights and additional training.


Gain an overview of your school’s usage of Jacaranda digital resources

The Dashboard provides administrators and key leaders with a highly visual snapshot of their school’s usage across three areas within the Jacaranda digital learning ecosystem: engagement (a measure of interaction), access (a measure of frequency), and results (a measure of performance).


These three areas allow administrators and key leaders to understand their school’s usage across different year levels and learning areas to identify trends and address gaps. Click here to learn more about how the Dashboard provides useful insights into a school’s usage of Jacaranda resources.



View how often your school
accesses Jacaranda resources.



Understand how deeply your school
interacts with Jacaranda resources.



Observe your students’ results and
number of submissions.

Accounts Manager

Manage and edit your school’s Jacaranda user accounts

The Accounts Manager module makes it easy for administrators and key leaders to access and manage Jacaranda Bundle user accounts. This module allows administrators and key leaders to streamline the accounts management process, and save time by easily editing their school’s student and teacher accounts and product connections.

When accessing this module, administrators and key leaders can:

  • Create new student accounts*
  • Create new teacher accounts*
  • Edit existing accounts
  • Create Classes in our digital products
  • Connect and disconnect students to teachers and products
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Password reset
  • Transfer students into classes

*Only available for Jacaranda direct customers

Account Documentation

Access additional support and resources for your school’s Jacaranda digital resources

The Account Documentation module contains key documentation, resources and support material, making it easy for schools to access everything they need in one location. These documents help ensure each school’s unique implementation, training and support needs are met.

Some of the resources that can be found in this module include:

  • The Adoption summary
  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Links to account request forms
  • Links to the Jacaranda Support portal
  • Implementation checklists
  • Adoption rollover checklists

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Jacaranda Dashboard

Gain insights into Jacaranda digital resource usage.

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