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Jacaranda Dashboard

The Jacaranda Dashboard provides schools with key insights into Jacaranda Bundle usage.

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The Jacaranda Dashboard is part of the School Management Portal, a central hub for school administrators to manage Jacaranda Bundle user accounts.

The Jacaranda Dashboard provides insights across three areas within the Jacaranda digital learning ecosystem: engagement (a measure of interaction), access (a measure of frequency), and results (a measure of performance). The information is broken down and highly visual, making it simple for administrators and key leaders to understand their school’s usage across different classes, identify trends and address gaps.

Home view

Gain an overview of your school’s usage of Jacaranda resources

The home screen provides a high-level snapshot of the school’s individual metrics across all key areas: engagement, access and results. This provides administrators and key leaders with an aggregate view of how teachers and students are interacting with the Jacaranda digital learning ecosystem.




View how often your school accesses Jacaranda resources

Access allows administrators to see how frequently teachers and students are accessing their Jacaranda resources through the JacarandaPLUS (JacPLUS) bookshelf. Each time a student or teacher clicks through to a title in their bookshelf, it contributes to the overall percentage.

Core subject titles on learnON and eBookPLUS, as well as all supplementary digital products (including games, atlases and more) are measured in this data.



Access features

Active and inactive users


View the number of active and inactive teachers and students within your bundle account.
Active user: A user who has accessed their bookshelf within the time period.
Inactive user: A user who has not accessed their bookshelf within the time period.

Track access


Monitor students and teachers access behaviour trends with these highly visual graphs.

Inside and outside access


See when your teachers and students are accessing their titles in and out of school times.


Understand how deeply your school interacts with Jacaranda resources

Engagement allows schools to discover how much students and teachers are interacting with their Jacaranda digital resources, beyond simply reading content. These interactions can range from answering questions in Knowledge Quest, to a teacher assigning questions in assessON, watching videos in learnON and more. Each time a student or teacher completes an activity in their Jacaranda resource, they earn engagement points. These points contribute to an engagement score which captures the depth of students’ and teachers’ usage, not only the frequency of usage.

Core subject titles on learnON and eBookPLUS, as well as all supplementary digital products (including games, atlases and more) are measured in this data.



Engagement features

Engagement score


Compare previous time frames to gauge if engagement scores are changing.

Track engagement


View how much your school is engaging with their Jacaranda digital resources.

Filter results


Filter results by time, year level and learning area to generate more in-depth insights.


Understand how deeply your school interacts with Jacaranda resources

Results is designed to give administrators an overview of student achievement and how many tests have been submitted, as well as a comparison with the previous time period. Administrators and key leaders can see average results from the Mathematics, Science, English, Humanities and Health and Physical Education learning areas, as well as the supporting digital products (Knowledge Quest, assessON, myWorld Atlas and myWorld History Atlas).



Results features

In detail


Observe student results and test submissions across year levels. This information is gathered from learnON, assessON, the myWorld Atlases and Knowledge Quest. These results provide evidence-based insights to help support students’ learning.



Gain insights into students’ submission behaviour with the Heatmap. The Heatmap indicates when students have submitted their assessment tasks by day and time. These results provide insights into submission behaviour.

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