We’ve found it: the right VCE/HSC study aid for you

It’s no secret that study aids can make life easier for teachers and Year 12 students alike. That’s why we reviewed what to look for in a study aid to ensure that any solution best suits your own needs while providing the most relevant content for your students. With Term 3 nearly over and exams on the horizon, the timing is right to focus in on a specific study aid so why not consider studyON? We may be biased but we think that it’s the best VCE and HSC online tool for more effective study, revision and exam practice.

First, what is studyON exactly? It’s a platform that offers highly interactive and visual study options that are directly mapped to topics in the curriculum. More than just a simple ‘question and answer’ study guide, studyON provides numerous hands-on interactivities, videos, animations and concept summary screens to help consolidate knowledge in many different ways. The platform is fully integrated across Jacaranda’s Years 11-12 textbooks and pulls answers from more than a decade of past exam questions. The studyON Teacher Edition provides extra features that add value and convenience, including the ability for teachers to assign questions and tests to students, and easily monitor and report on student activity and results.

Why do we think studyON the right VCE/HSE study aid for you? Let’s see how it stacks up to our checklist:

  • Number of past exam questions: studyON includes carefully selected exam questions from 2006-2015 (VCAA) and 2001-2015 (HSC). This presents a huge pool of questions for students to work their way through.
  • Questions are split by topic: studyON allows you to break content down by topic levels and provides questions and interactivities that are relevant only to that topic.
  • Immediate visibility: Students and teachers are connected to each other in studyON, allowing teachers to monitor their progress and gain immediate insights into student strengths and weaknesses on an individual basis or at a group level.
  • Auto-assign capabilities: Teachers have control over what they assign for students to complete, including practice questions, topic tests and sample semester exams.
  • Flexibility: studyON allows students to practice VCAA, HSC or custom questions for each topic either online or offline. This means they can do things their way.

If you’re currently using the new Jacaranda VCE textbooks, studyON is free with purchase and fully integrated across the series. For all other subjects, studyON is available as a standalone product. With Term 3 holidays coming up and the study period kicking off, now is the perfect time to try it out and see if it’s the right study aid for you. Let us know in the comments below what you think of it!