Tech of the Month: Inspiration MapsHave you ever had a brilliant idea but couldn’t get it started because the planning process seemed too daunting? Do you find yourself full of thoughts, concepts or designs that desperately need to be put to paper? This month’s featured app might be just what you’re looking for! With plenty of uses both inside and outside the classroom, Inspiration Maps can be a great asset to students looking to spice up their planning and brainstorming process, or teachers when making lesson plans.

Inspiration Maps is a powerful visual learning tool that boasts a simple and user friendly interface. The app has multiple functions, all of which help to organise and structure work into a visually appealing graphic. Students and teachers can use the app to create concept maps, cause and effect diagrams and process flows among other graphic organisers. These functions can be used to complete tasks in class or help plan for bigger projects that require work outside normal school hours.

Inspiration Maps is available only to Apple devices and has both a trial and paid version. Is this something that would be valuable in your classroom? What other uses do you envision? Let us know if the comments below.