Tech of the Month: DiigoAs we covered in our last post, online technologies are an incredibly valuable tool for classroom learning. As a result, students have access to up-to-date research tools and additional social elements that enhance their education experience. Today’s instalment in our tech of the month series helps students take full advantage of their online experiences and make the most of their time spent researching. Presenting: Diigo.

What is Diigo?

Launched in 2006, Diigo is described as a ‘social bookmarking website’. The software allows users to bookmark and tag web pages, creating a personal library of information. From there, users can highlight sections of the pages, add sticky notes and make their own annotations. Everything can be shared with other users for a collaborative experience.

Benefits of Diigo

  1. Selective highlighting: research shows that underlining and highlighting during research helps students mentally organise what they are reading and focus on the key points rather than the clutter around it1.
  2. Collaborative learning: studies have detailed numerous benefits to collaborative learning. Students get multiple perspectives on what’s important, and can help one another pick up on anything they otherwise missed2. Sharing libraries with their peers is a great way to learn collaboratively.
  3. Quick access to information: Diigo has a tagging system that allows students to quickly retrieve multiple sources on a certain topic. This cuts down on time spent organising their research and frees them up to put it to good use.
  4. It’s free! While Diigo has a premium option that unlocks even more features, the software can be used for free, making it an easy addition to your classroom.

Where to get it?

To start using Diigo, simply visit their website to download the tool for free (or upgrade to the premium version) and set up a Diigo account. For Chrome users, there is also an extension available on the Chrome store. Give it a shot and let us know what you think! Hopefully your students find Diigo to be a useful online tool.

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