Tech of the Month Adobe Voice

As mentioned in ‘Introducing the ‘Tech of the Month’ series’, we’re constantly looking for ways to assist education professionals to harness the power of technology in making their teaching experience and the students’ learning experience better and that’s why we’ve introduced this new blog series: “Tech of the Month”.

To kick it off, we’d like to focus on apps, given the number of schools that have integrated tablets into their day to day teaching and learning. Our pick for February’s ‘Tech of the Month’ is Adobe Voice. A very simple concept, Adobe Voice allows students to record and edit short videos to explain an idea or concept, or to tell a story. This gives them a unique way to express their ideas and represents a great way to engage students who learn better with visual or auditory aid. Adobe Voice is available as a free download for Apple iPad devices.

To learn more, visit the website or download the app from the iTunes Store.


Let us know what you think of Adobe Voice in the comments and feel free to recommend other tech for a future post!