Teaching teachers: education books you’ll love

For time-poor education professionals, it’s no surprise that professional development often falls by the wayside. Between planning lessons and courses, teaching classes, marking assignments and helping out with volunteer or after-school activities, it can be difficult for teachers to take time away from the classroom to improve their skills and advance their careers.

Books are an easy way to sneak in professional development so we pulled together a few good reads from Wiley for you to consider. In case you didn’t know, Jacaranda is a division of this global learning company, which offers a wide range of books and resources including many that are geared towards assisting education professional. While some of these titles are from US authors, we think that there are valuable insights and tips that can help you in the classroom:

  • The First Year Teacher’s Survival Guide: Similar to a ‘beginner’s guide’ to teaching, this book aims to teach strategies that will help newer teachers manage the challenges of each school day. The author shares tips on how to ask for help and take part in a learning community and insights into how to teach valuable lessons beyond what is contained in the subject.
  • Teach Like a Champion 2.0: This book is useful for newer and experienced teachers alike. Designed to create ‘classroom champions’, this guide teaches 62 techniques that will improve your teaching practice, from classroom management to inspiring students. It also comes with numerous teaching videos of teachers modelling techniques in the classroom, which adds an important digital component.
  • Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain: Exploring new ways to teach and learn, this title covers how the brain learns and how that knowledge can be best used in the classroom. Written by award-winning neuroscience researcher Dr. Janet Zadina, the title looks at different forms of learning while avoiding ‘neuro-myths’ – all while using educator-friendly language. Consider this read if you’re searching for new ways to engage students and help consolidate their learnings.
  • Transformative Classroom Management: Described as being a ‘proven approach for encouraging the love of learning in the classroom’, this title focuses on the benefits of positive reinforcement in managing a classroom. It is suitable for teachers looking to increase student motivation and responsibility, covering techniques that promote a psychology of success and work towards making your classroom a positive environment.

The list doesn’t end there so for more helpful titles, check out the Wiley website where you can browse based on subjects or resource areas. If there’s a different resource that you’ve found useful in the classroom, feel free to share it in the comments below!