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Every teacher delivers education in their own unique way, this carefully crafted pedagogy has been built through trial and error, observation and experimentation, alongside a deep understanding of the needs of the students in their care. Here at Jacaranda, we love hearing about all the amazing ways you are using Jacaranda resources to help you teach your class, your way – so we decided to get out of the office and into schools to uncover some of these stories!

The second leg of this roadtrip saw us make our way up the East Coast to St Dominic’s College in Kingswood, New South Wales. St Domonic’s College is a big advocate for digital learning, and when they were searching for a resource partner they found the perfect fit in Jacaranda’s Digital Bundle. Why? Because with the bundle, every teacher and student at the College gets access to 10+ core and supplementary digital learning resources at one low price that comes with a dedicated support team.

During our visit we had the oppourtunity to speak with a few teachers including the HSIE Coordinator, Rebecca Horswood-Reid. She shared her experiences using Jacaranda digital resources in her classroom and told us that her students are more engaged in class and, in turn, their learning outcomes are improving. Her students also love that they can now access their resources any time –  at school and at home.

Watch Rebecca’s video below or keep reading to find out how she has utilised the Jacaranda digital bundle to teach her class, her way:

Increases engagement and improves learning outcomes

Rebecca has been embracing digital learning in her classroom and seen the benefits it has brought to her teaching and her students. She has found supplementing her teaching with Jacaranda digital resources has “revolutionised the way we teach History and Geography within the college”. Their classrooms have been transformed and are now more interactive and engaging than ever before. As a result, student outcomes are improving.

More so, the insights Rebecca is able to receive via the learnON platform into student and class progress has helped her and her fellow teachers “identify gaps in our students learning” and tailor future lessons accordingly.

“[Jacaranda digital resources] have revolutionised the way we teach History and Geography within the college”

Caters to all learning styles

Students learn in different ways and at different paces, and like Rebecca, you know using a range of teaching methods can help cater to these styles and benefit learners. Rebecca says her students tell her they ‘enjoy using the JacPLUS range’ and how the rich media, videos and interactivities helps engage students with the content.

“they can open up to a different part of the world through the atlases and [see the] history”

Rebecca and her students also make use of the online Atlases for Geography and History; myWorld Atlas and myWorld History Atlas, both of which are included in the Jacaranda Digital Bundle. She tells us her students like that “they can open up to a different part of the world through the atlases and [see the] history” allowing them to “explore something that they’re personally interested in” and learn in different ways.

Students can access their resources at any time

Like many schools in New South Wales, St Domincic’s College were using a class set system, as Rebecca describes it “we came from a regime where the textbooks were stored in classrooms, so when they’re at home and they wanted to do extra study or complete work they couldn’t access it”. Now, students are enjoying unlimited access to the resources – at school and at home – and are able to complete study, homework and extra learning whenever they want.

Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with us, Rebecca!

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Let us know, by contacting your local Jacaranda Education Consultant.