Checklist for evaluating digital learning solutions (Part 2)If you’re going digital next year, particularly if it’s for the first time, navigating the different digital learning solutions can be a challenge, especially when compared to evaluating print options.

To help teachers make the right choice for 2017, we’ve developed a checklist of questions to consider when finalising your resourcing decision. Part one focused on the educational requirements – click here if you missed it – and this second part looks at additional factors related to the technology itself.

  N/A Yes Somewhat No Don’t know
Easy-to-use and intuitive?
Inspiring and motivating for students to use?
Integrates easily with the other components of your school’s digital ecosystem? (e.g. Learning Management System, apps, software, etc. )
Provides content ready to take into the classroom? (i.e. sufficient theory, examples, questions, answers, worked solutions, etc.)          
Requires reasonable set up time for class administration?          
Helps teachers save time?
Enables the use of a range of teaching strategies? (e.g. constructivist, flipped classroom, etc.)
Reliability and scalability          
Maintains uptime of 99% or higher?
Platform is always being maintained and improved?
Accessible to students from the classroom and at home?
Affordable pricing?
No hidden costs (e.g. post-purchase support fees)?
Support and training          
Includes training for teachers during the initial setup?
Includes ongoing support for students and teachers?
Includes a variety of support and training options? (e.g. in person, telephone, email, online, built in to the product, etc.)

Does your digital learning solution tick all the right boxes? Are there any other important considerations that you look for? Let us know in the comments below!