5 to dos for 2017 school year

With the school year for 2016 now officially done and dusted, it’s time to turn our attention to the 2017 school year. First—time for a celebration as all teachers will now be on holiday! Congratulations to you for getting through another year; we hope that it has been a successful one and that you’re now planning on having some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

While your focus right now should be on your holiday, we’ve complied five steps (as recommended by educational professionals) that you can take before the end of January to ensure a smooth transition into the 2017 school year.


notes 2017 school year

1) Tidy up notes from 2016

Over the course of this year, your lesson notes and plans will have been altered or scribbled upon and you’ll likely have feedback on what could be improved. Take the opportunity during the holidays to go over these lesson plans and tidy things up so that they’re up to date and ready to go. For those teachers that are new or taking on a new subject next year, some excellent advice would be to seek out extra resources while doing your lesson plans. VCE teachers should check out studyON for their subject while 7-10 teachers might want to look at Jacaranda’s assessment tool, assessON, or our educational game Knowledge Quest.



preparing 2017 school year


2) Pre-organise your calendar for the 2017 school year

By now you should have a reasonable sense of your timetable for the 2017 school year. January is a great time to enter these details into your diary/calendar so that you can start seeing where your lesson plans will fit in and when you’ll likely hand out assessment tasks.



professional learning 2017 school year


3) Research Professional Learning

It’s a good idea to go into next year knowing what Professional Learning Certification will be required so that you can start looking up events and courses. Keep an eye on the Jacaranda events for news on events and conferences that offer professional learning certificates.



digital analytics 2017 school year


4) Change how you record marks

Libby Kempton, Jacaranda publisher and former teacher of more than 10 years, suggests that at the end of each year, you review your process of collating marks, scores, and assessments and make some tweaks. Whether you write down marks in a log book, have folders to collect test papers or use spreadsheets to keep track of marks, it’s always worth looking at how you can do better or save time. If you’re a fan of tracking results digitally, make sure to check out our learnON platform which features a dashboard that can display all results in one place.



stationery 2017 school year


5) Buy stationery!

Last but not least, have a bit of fun with the holidays and go shopping. Stock up on brand new stationery and get new copies of anything that you’ve misplaced over the year. It’s a great way to feel organised before term begins and you can find some great deals around back to school time.


Jacaranda wishes to congratulate and thank all teachers across Australia for their efforts in 2016. We hope you all enjoy a well-earned break and have a fun and safe holiday season. See you all back here in 2017 for another successful year in education!