3 steps to get started with learnONIf you’re moving to Jacaranda’s new eBook platform in 2017, learnON, you already know that you have a lot to look forward to. This is our biggest update since we launched eBookPLUS in 2008 so we couldn’t be more excited—new features not only create a better teaching experience for you, but importantly, improve learning outcomes for your students.

To help ensure a smooth start to 2017, below are a few easy steps you can take to become familiar with your new eBook. If you need help with the basics such as navigation, resources and questions, download our Quick Start Guide.

Using learnON premium next year? Check out this blog post for tips to get started.

1) Understand how learnON can improve students’ learning

The beauty of this new digital learning platform is that it doesn’t require a change in your teaching style and approach. Rather, learnON continues to provide opportunities for teachers to implement flexible pedagogies including, but not limited to, a constructivist approach, a flipped classroom approach or a more traditional approach.

That means that no matter your personal preference, you can expect a more seamless teaching experience. Students learn and progress faster and further in their subject, so teachers spend less time going through homework and more time on the lesson at hand.

Specifically, here are some key changes you may notice:

Less guesswork – Reading content that fully integrates all theory and multimedia so everything appears exactly where it’s supposed to and there’s no guessing what students should do next.

learnON Science video


Increased student engagement – A media-rich environment not only appeals to digital natives, but also helps to bring complex concepts to life. Activity boxes provide teachers with ready-made ideas that allow students to demonstrate creativity, thinking skills and teamwork.

learnON HPE activity boxes


Here are a few subject-specific examples that we’re particularly excited about:

In Geography and History: Flat images are now interactivities

learnON Geography maps

In Math: No more calculator companion for Years 9-10 – worked examples showing calculator steps are built-in to the worked example

learnON Maths calculator


Greater student independence: Features such as answers and solutions and visibility into their performance inspire student independence and greater accountability for their own learning.

learnON English solutions


Feedback to support early intervention: Auto-marked questions, answers and worked solutions or exemplary responses for every available question provide students with immediate feedback to help prevent the creation of misconceptions.

learnON History check your understanding


Opportunities for differentiation: Teacher resources including additional worksheets and interactivities are available from the Resources panel (no separate eGuide purchase is required!) to help with differentiation.


Time saved: Teachers save time marking work and reviewing homework in class thanks to questions that are automatically marked and greater built-in support for students, including answers, solutions and glossaries of key terms. Easy access to everything you need means less time spent searching and opening up different applications.

With these important benefits in mind, let’s see how you can prepare now to start the new school year off right.


2) Log in early to set yourself up for success

To help you make the most of this new digital learning platform, and ease the transition to your new eBook, we’ve compiled a handy checklist for the first time you access learnON. We recommend you do this before school holidays so you’re comfortable right from Day 1 of Term 1.

  • Select the Course Content side menu item (table of contents).
  • Choose one of the topics to look at reading content. Notice how familiar it looks and everything is in the one place – videos, interactivities, worked examples, glossary, activities, and more.
  • Access exercises from the Course Content menu item or using the navigation at the bottom of the reading content. When trying out questions, you’ll notice that every question has an answer and a worked solution or exemplary response for essay-type questions.
  • All resources from that topic and additional teacher materials can be access from the Resources menu to the right of the reading content.

That’s it! You’re almost there—last on the list is making sure you’re aware of the support options that are available.


3) Know where to get help

learnON is as easy to use as the current eBookPLUS but just in case you need help along the way, here are a few options to keep in mind:

  • Click Help in the top navigation bar for access to walk-through tutorials (appearing as interactive tip-balloons overlaid on the screen) that guide you through specific tasks step-by-step and in real time
  • Check out learnON help articles in the Jacaranda Support portal.
  • Contact our award-winning Customer Support team via email at custservice@wiley.com or phone at 1800 777 474


We hope the above steps are helpful! If you’re one of the many customers upgrading to learnON next year, let us know in the comments below if you have any additional questions on how to ensure a smooth transition.