3 easy steps to connect with your students in learnON


learnON is Jacaranda’s immersive digital learning platform which supports teachers to make learning more visible and personalised for their students. learnON achieves this through its powerful ability to connect teachers with their students, creating an online virtual classroom.

In this classroom, teachers can easily gain deep insights into student progress, assign work and access students results in just a few clicks. Allowing teachers to identify areas of strength and weakness and differentiate learning accordingly.

Once you create a class in learnON, you will unlock the ability to:

  1. Track student and cohort progress
  2. Create custom tests using any question in the resource
  3. Assign assessments and practice tests to your class or students

Even better, you can achieve this in just three easy steps! Keep reading to learn how to create a class in learnON or watch the 2 minute how-to video below:

Here are the 3 easy steps to connect with your students

Step 1: Open the title and manage class tool

First you will need to open your learnON title from your jacPLUS bookshelf, then click the class drop-down menu from the top navigation and click the MANAGE MY CLASSES button.

4 steps to connect with your students in learnON step 1

Step 2: Choose the academic year and class name

Then you will need to select the academic year and the class name. Click the Create button.

4 steps to connect with your students in learnON step 2

Step 3: Invite your students to join the class

Finally, invite your students to join your class using either of the two methods listed below:

Method A: Display the unique code during class
A unique 6-character code is shown at the top-right of this screen. Display the code on the board in your classroom. Students can join your class by logging into their JacPLUS bookshelf, selecting Join learnON Class and entering this unique class code.

Method B: Send students an invitation link via email 
Click Copy Link at the top-right to generate a hyper link that you can share with your students via email. Your students can join your class by clicking on the hyper link in your email, and logging into JacPLUS.


Want some instructions for your students? Send them this flyer with simple steps on how to join a class in learnON.

4 steps to connect with your students in learnON step 3

We hope this post helps you connect to your students and unlock the full potential of learnON for your classroom. If you need any extra assistance or would like to request a demonstration and access learnON, please reach out to your local Jacaranda Sales Consultant.