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Jacaranda's learnON platform is our most powerful digital learning platform. Here are a range of support resources to help you get the most out of it.
In times of crisis, supporting a student’s wellbeing is as important as their education. Here is Dr Michael Carr-Gregg's advice on how to do just that.
31 on-demand webinars to learn everything you need to know about learnON – from navigating the platform to how to differentiate for your subject.
Jacaranda wins 2015 Publisher of the Year award

Jacaranda wins 2015 Publisher of the Year award

Jacaranda proudly announces that it has won the APA's 2015 Secondary Publisher of the Year award. A highly commended award was also given to SpyClass.

JacarandaPLUS reaches one million users

JacarandaPLUS reaches one million users

Jacaranda celebrates an important milestone: reaching one million inspired learners on the JacarandaPLUS platform.

Learning about learning analytics

Learning analytics: the next big thing in education

A review of Jacaranda's Learning Analytics events, which highlight how the new technology can be used by educators to inform decisions and target teaching.