Exciting updates have arrived for Jacaranda digital resources

We are thrilled to reveal the updates available now on the learnON platform, jacPLUS Bookshelf and myWorld Atlases for the 2019 school year.

unpacking the who's new strategic priorities

Unpacking the WHO's new strategic priorities

This handy guide unpacks the 2018 VCAA Health & Human Development Study Design update and the World Health Organization’s new strategic priorities.
Year 12 exam preparation guide

Printable Year 12 Exam Preparation Guide

Download this printable Year 12 Exam Preparation guide. Designed to set your students' up for success by outlining key study milestones throughout the year.

Assessment Cheat Sheets for QLD Senior Maths

Big changes are happening in QLD Senior Maths, including a new assessment structure. Navigate this transition with ease with our free cheat sheets!
Jacaranda wins 2015 Publisher of the Year award

Jacaranda wins 2015 Publisher of the Year award

Jacaranda proudly announces that it has won the APA's 2015 Secondary Publisher of the Year award. A highly commended award was also given to SpyClass.

JacarandaPLUS reaches one million users

JacarandaPLUS reaches one million users

Jacaranda celebrates an important milestone: reaching one million inspired learners on the JacarandaPLUS platform.

Learning about learning analytics

Learning analytics: the next big thing in education

A review of Jacaranda's Learning Analytics events, which highlight how the new technology can be used by educators to inform decisions and target teaching.