Valuing teachers: World Teachers’ Day 2016Happy World Teachers’ Day! Today marks the 22nd annual celebration of the commitment and dedication of teachers across the globe. In Australia alone, secondary teachers spend upwards of 800 hours teaching per year1, not including the extra time for lesson planning, marking, coaching, mentoring and more. The time teachers invest in their students is one of many reasons why today is such an important day. For Jacaranda, it gives us the opportunity to commemorate your efforts in shaping the minds of students. Your constant hard work and contribution to the wider community is much appreciated by us and many more.

What does World Teachers’ Day involve exactly?

Started by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1994 and celebrated on October 5th each year, the day is held as an appreciation for the positive impact that teachers make on society. This year’s theme – Valuing Teachers, Improving Their Status – embodies the recommendations made by ILO/UNESCO back in the sixties and shines a light on the need to support teachers as they are pivotal in the attainment of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.2 To learn more about the agenda, click here.

Today, more than 100 countries observe World Teachers’ Day and celebrate in their own ways. In Australia, several states and territories use the opportunity to announce the winners or nominees of their awards for excellence in teaching. There are also promotional and celebratory events held during school assemblies, with schools encouraged to host morning teas in appreciation of their staff.

So what are you and your colleagues doing to celebrate World Teachers’ Day? On behalf of everyone at Jacaranda, we wish you a wonderful day and thank you again for everything that you do!

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