teach your class your way with the jacplus bookshelf in 2019

We are thrilled to announce the new updates coming soon to JacPLUS Bookshelf, the online portal to all your Jacaranda digital resources. These updates will allow teachers and students to seamlessly access the full range of available digital formats for your Jacaranda titles.

Since 2009, our JacarandaPLUS Bookshelf has been the online home for everything Jacaranda for many thousands of teachers and students. The much-loved JacPLUS Bookshelf lets you access your digital Jacaranda resources via a secure online portal, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

And now, we’re making it even better!

We’re committed to our mission to provide schools with rich, high-quality resources that are versatile and easy to use – and to continuously improve our products and services. That’s why we are launching updates to the JacPLUS Bookshelf to make it simpler than ever for every teacher to teach their class their way. Your Bookshelf will look a bit different: this new layout makes it really easy to navigate your Bookshelf and get to the title and format you want – fast!

Here are some of the most exciting improvements that you can look forward to:

1. Your title, all formats, one place

In this update, different formats of the same Jacaranda title will be grouped and accessible from the same thumbnail tile, not multiple – keeping your JacPLUS Bookshelf clean and making it easy for you to quickly find what you need right away.

Here’s a side by side comparison of what your Bookshelf looks like right now, and how it will look in 2019:

jacaranda JacPLUS Bookshelf before after

2. Seamless access to all digital formats – at your fingertips

For different classes or different teaching and learning goals, a teacher may need different tools depending on the situation and how you want to teach your class. That’s why we are adding a brand-new feature that allows you to quickly access the full range of available digital formats from the one tile on your JacPLUS Bookshelf. Depending on the title, this may include up to 4 different ways to access your teaching resources:

  • learnON – the fully immersive digital learning platform for Years 7 – 10
  • eGuidePLUS (for teachers) or eBookPLUS (for students) – the digital eBook
  • PDF – downloadable as the full title or chapter by chapter
  • Or via the JacPLUS Bookshelf iPad app

Not only will you have access to the entire family of Jacaranda’s premium digital teaching resources – you will also be able to switch back and forth between formats at any time, in just one click. It’s never been easier to teach your class, your way.

3. Favourite your most-used titles for a clean Bookshelf

Do you have some titles on your JacPLUS Bookshelf that you use more often than others? We are adding a new feature to let you “favourite” your most-used titles for quick access – simply click the little heart icon to highlight a title on your Bookshelf.

Now, you won’t have to find your favourite titles, they’ll find you!

Jacaranda Bookshelf favourites

The other titles you use less regularly are safely stored on your JacPLUS Bookshelf for when you need them again – simply change your filter in the top left corner from “Favourite titles” to “All My Titles”.

4. Download the PDF in one click

Did you know you can download your Jacaranda title as a PDF?

With the new updates coming soon, teachers and students can do so easily straight from your Bookshelf. Simply click SELECT FORMAT on a title, and you can choose to download that title, either as the entire book or a specific chapter.

Jacaranda Bookshelf PDF

Check out our handy help articles

To help ensure a smooth transition, here are a few help articles with step-by-step instructions on using the new and improved Bookshelf and other common questions:

Extra tip: If you can’t find a title on your Bookshelf try changing the first drop down filter (top left of your bookshelf) to All my titles. This should reveal any hidden titles on your Bookshelf.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these changes and how they will make accessing your Jacaranda content easier and quicker than ever before.

These updates will come into effect on the JacPLUS Bookshelf in late December 2018.

As always, Jacaranda continues to seek feedback to refine our resources to ensure they’re the right and best tools for teaching and learning. If you would like to provide feedback, are interested in hearing more details or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Jacaranda Sales Consultant.