Setting the benchmark for NAPLAN 2016: a look back at 2015 resultsAfter months of preparation, thousands of students across Australia will sit down today to kick off NAPLAN testing for 2016. As discussed in our previous post, this will be a busy and critical time for all participants in the NAPLAN program.

To get an idea as to the scale of NAPLAN and help set expectation for this year, here are a few insights from the results of last year’s national report:

  • Nationwide, there were over 264,000 Year 7 participants in the NAPLAN tests.
  • Similarly, over 259,000 Year 9 students participated.
  • In Year 7, the mean scale scores for female students were higher than those of male students in the areas of ‘persuasive writing’ and ‘grammar and punctuation’ nationwide. The mean scale scores for ‘reading’ and ‘numeracy’ were more or less equal between the genders nationwide. Finally, mean scale scores in ‘spelling’ were the same between the genders in ACT only; in all other states, female students scored higher than males.
  • Conversely, for Year 9 students, the mean scale scores for female students were higher than those of male students in all areas except for numeracy.
  • Between 2008 and 2015, improvements in mean reading were evident across Year 7 and Year 9 among indigenous students as well as those in Queensland and Western Australia. In all other cases, no improvements were noted.
  • In the same time period, no changes were noted for numeracy achievement.

For further reading, you can visit the NAPLAN website here or read through our NAPLAN blog series linked below. Jacaranda wishes all students the best of luck with the coming tests!

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