We’ve been tinkering! Today, we’re excited to share with you the 2022 upgrades for JacPLUS Bookshelf and the learnON platform.

We’ve always got our ear to the ground. Listening in to better understand what you and your students need (and want). It’s your feedback that continues to shape Jacaranda. Each year we make upgrades to our online resources and it’s these amazing insights that guide us – making them even better, more innovative and what teachers like yourself are asking for.

Over this past year, we’ve been quietly tinkering away on our JacPLUS Bookshelf and learnON platform. Now, it’s finally time to share with you these ultra-exciting upgrades.

Before we get started, let’s have a quick refresher of the learnON platform

As you start your 2022 preparations and get ready to embrace the new functionalities coming for learnON, it’s the perfect time to refresh your memory of everything already available to you online.

Take a guided tour of the learnON platform in this short overview (13-min video):

Feeling refreshed? That’s great! Let’s see what else you can do with the new learnON upgrades

Online learning is fast becoming the norm in Aussie classrooms. And with good reason – the right online resource can be very engaging, flexible, easy-to-use and have powerful marking and reporting capabilities to save teachers a ton of time.

It’s no secret we love online learning at Jacaranda. That’s why we are always exploring new ways to make learnON, the online platform that hosts all our amazing content, even better.

As part of the new learnON upgrades, we’ve added two new reports and made it simple to share direct links to your online lessons. These upgrades are already live, so from today you can:

See class results by assignment

We’ve noticed teachers have been loving the instant reports available in learnON and wanted, well, more! So, we’ve added two new reports.

The first being: results by assignment (found in Reports), which allows teachers to compare how students performed or progressed in their assignments. You can even compare multiple assignments at once, which is great for pre- and post-tests and understanding student or class progress over time.

Compare multiple class results at a glance

The second new report is the class comparison report (found in Reports), which allows you to see – at a glance – how all your classes are performing. Now, teachers and Heads of Departments can easily gauge if classes are performing above the level, at the level, or below the level.

Share direct links to your online lessons

The new share button (found in the top navigation) allows teachers to copy the direct link of any lesson in learnON and share it with your students. You may like to add these links into your LMS or email it to your students – the choice is yours!

Next, let’s talk about the JacPLUS Bookshelf upgrades

JacPLUS is the humble home of everything Jacaranda digital. It has been the jumping off point of countless inspiring lessons and those wonderful aha moments with students.

Going forward, you’ll find a new look with added functionality. From mid-December 2021, you will be able to fully customise your Bookshelf by organising your titles – to truly make it your own. Here is what’s new:

There are three new sections

Now when you log into your JacPLUS account, you’ll notice three sections: Notifications, My Bookshelf and My Library. We’ve provided a brief overview of the sections below:

  1. Notifications: essential updates and tips for your resources
  2. My Bookshelf: the most-used titles in your personal Bookshelf
  3. My Library: all your available Jacaranda titles

Customise your new Bookshelf

Like a real Bookshelf, you’ll be able to sort and organise it around your own preferences.

In the new My Library, you will find the full suite of Jacaranda titles available to you. From here, you can place your most-used titles into My Bookshelf.

This means if you’ve got a lot of titles, but only need quick access to a few, they’ll now be really easy to find. Here is how it works:

Add your most-used titles to My Bookshelf:

  • Click/Hover over the title in My Library

Return titles to My Library:

  • Click/Hover over the title in My Bookshelf

New filters for easy browsing

Finally, we’ve added some new filters to help you browse. You can now filter My Bookshelf or My Library by:

  • Year
  • Learning Area
  • Or Curriculum

Making it quick and easy to find the exact title you’re looking for.

Wow, so much good stuff coming your way for the new school year. We couldn’t be more excited and hope you are too!

If you have feedback or want to organise a JacPLUS Day to get ready for 2022, please reach out to your local Jacaranda Education Consultant – we’d love to hear from you.