Geography in NSW: what’s changing?

For NSW Geography teachers, an exciting development that will change the way that they teach is just around the corner. In 2017, the Geography curriculum will receive a substantial update that marks the first refresh for nearly two decades! Teachers are understandably excited about the prospect of this change so here’s a summary of what can be expected:

  • Contemporary Geographical concepts: An emphasis is being placed on new and contemporary concepts such as interconnection and sustainability.
  • Continuums of concepts, skills and tools: Geography concepts, skills and tools are now developed over time and built upon across year levels. Knowing, understanding and then applying of key skills and tools are built across Years 7-10 in a sequenced learning path.
  • Inquiry-based learning: Greater opportunities for students to develop a deep understanding of a range of Geographical issues through inquiry based learning.
  • Life Skills outcomes: Related Life Skills outcomes are included with the Stage 4 and Stage 5 content.
  • Mix of Australian and world Geography: In the current curriculum, Geography is taught as two years of Australian Geography followed by two years of world Geography. With the new update, there will be a mix of both instances across all year levels.

To learn more about these key changes and the curriculum update in general, we would love to see you at one of our Geoactive Implementation Workshops. To learn more about our new Geoagraphy title for 2017, please visit our website.