As Term 3 comes to a close, it’s no surprise that most senior teachers are starting to turn their attention to one thing: exams. And with good reason—exam scores are a huge concern for students, and in turn, their teachers. The goal is clear: maximise every student’s opportunity to achieve exam success.

That’s why Jacaranda developed studyON, an online exam preparation tool that enables VCE students to practice 10+ years’ worth of official past VCAA exam questions, plus hundreds of new ones, on a particular concept, topic or the entire course. Students receive instant feedback for every question and cam choose to work either online or offline. Bonus? Teachers can assign activities and monitor progress at an individual, group or whole class level using the Teacher Edition.

It’s clear that studyON isn’t your average print study guide—it’s a powerful tool and we want every student to have access. That’s why studyON is now included for FREE in all new VCE texts, both digital (eBookPLUS) and print formats. This includes the new Jacaranda Live It Up 2 VCE Physical Education Units 3 & 4, coming this September to align with the new Study Design for 2018-2021.


Now, as much as we love studyON (and we do!), it’s not the only reason to choose Jacaranda Live It Up 2 for the new Study Design for VCE Physical Education. Here are four more:

1. Trusted and relevant content

The new Jacaranda Live It Up series contains only key knowledge and skills essential to the Study Design. There is no waffle or irrelevant content! Plus, our authors’ focus on understanding and applying the key skills in each chapter helps equip students for the applied nature of exam questions.

2. Closely structured around the Study Design

Our expert publishers and authors live and breathe the Study Design so you don’t have to—all analysis and interpretation of the curriculum has been completed and each chapter is mapped closely to each Area of Study and outcomes. This attention to detail ensures complete and comprehensive coverage of the Study Design in the precise level of detail required to prepare students for assessment.

3. Accessible for all learners

The Jacaranda Live It Up series is our most visual ever, packed with images, interactives and videos to help explain complex information. This is important to ensure that the content is appropriate and understood for all levels of learners. Even better? These assets are included as part of the base price.

4. Teachers save time

Built-in teacher support, such as course outlines and answers, plus extensive resources for students, including practice exam questions and key skills exam practice tasks, allow teachers time to work individually with students.

Prefer visuals to lists? Get a sneak peek at the new Jacaranda Live It Up 2 VCE Physical Education Units 3 & 4 by when you register for sample chapters here.