Next year will be an important year for the Jacaranda Atlas, as 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of this iconic reference tool. To celebrate, Jacaranda will be publishing the ninth edition, which will be available later this year for use in school year 2018. However, before we look ahead to what’s coming, we wanted to take a step back and review the history of the atlas. Here are a few interesting highlights that we came across in our research.

Did you know?

1) The origin of the Jacaranda Atlas

The idea for the Jacaranda Atlas came from Brian Clouston, founder of the Jacaranda Press in 19541. Brian was made a member in the General Division of the Order Australia in 2006 for service to the development of the Australian book publishing industry, particularly through the publication of specialist educational and reference material, and to wildlife protection2.


2) The first school atlas for the Australian Curriculum

Unlike other student atlases, Jacaranda was the first publisher to produce a student atlas specifically designed to meet the needs of the Australian Curriculum: Geography syllabus3.

3) A population first in student atlases

The introduction of proportional symbols to represent population first appeared in Australian student atlases in the first edition of the Jacaranda Atlas4.


4) The Jacaranda Atlas expands into new markets

In addition to the secondary school market, Jacaranda produced a series of primary school atlases, as well as editions for New Zealand and Papua New Guinea5.

5) The new edition of the Jacaranda Atlas

From the launch of the first atlas in 1969 until the availability of the new edition later in 2017, Jacaranda will have published nine versions of the Jacaranda Atlas.


Jacaranda Atlas 1E – 1969


Jacaranda Atlas 2E – 1977


Jacaranda Atlas 3E – 1987


Jacaranda Atlas – 1992


Jacaranda Atlas 5E – 1999


Jacaranda Atlas 6E – 2007


Jacaranda Atlas 7E – 2010


Jacaranda Atlas 8E – 2013


Jacaranda Atlas 9E – 2017

Of course, lots more to come but in the meantime, Sydney-based teachers can pop by the Jacaranda booth at the GTA NSW Annual Conference this 9-10 March at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park. We’ll be showing off our new Geoactive series for the NSW K-10 Geography Syllabus so you don’t want to miss it. Click here for conference information including program and workshop details.