Exciting updates coming to Jacaranda digital resources in 2019

At Jacaranda, there is nothing more important to us than supporting teachers and students with the right and best tools. That’s why we continuously seek feedback to help us better understand what you need and want out of your teaching and learning resources.

Over the past year, we have been speaking to teachers and students alike, asking about what you love and what you might like to see in future Jacaranda resources. We are so thankful for the opportunity to hear from so many schools that have given us great insights, useful feedback and many big ideas! The Jacaranda team has been hard at work to implement these ideas and feedback – and we are now thrilled to reveal to you the exciting updates coming soon to a range of Jacaranda digital resources.

Drum roll please – *rolls drum* – here are the much-loved Jacaranda digital resources we are updating, and the exciting new features and improvements that you can look forward to in 2019.

1. The learnON platform (Years 7 – 10)

For the past few years, Jacaranda’s immersive digital learning platform for Years 7-10, learnON, has been supporting teachers and students to make learning more visible, personalised and social. Its powerful features help enhance learning and engage students with the learning content in a way no other digital learning platform in the market can. Although we believe learnON is an amazing learning tool, we also understand that some users ran into stumbling blocks in with the current platform.

That’s why these exciting updates have been designed to make the platform simpler and more intuitive to use, with a fresh new design. If you’re using learnON in 2019, you can look forward to:

  • An improved layout and navigation that makes it easy for everyone to use
  • Larger reading content and tabs
  • Easy-to-find resources and PDFs, accessible in just one click
  • A toggle which allows teachers to switch between teacher and student view seamlessly, to see what your students see
  • Simplified assignment set up process
  • Deeper and better insights into student results and performance
  • Options to answer questions in learnON or textbook view
  • And much more!

Click here to see these features for yourself >>

2. The JacarandaPLUS Bookshelf

The much-loved home of all Jacaranda digital resources will look a little different in 2019 – and for the better! A new layout is coming, which will make it really easy to navigate and quickly access your preferred Jacaranda title and format. The new JacPLUS Bookshelf layout will also allow teachers and students to seamlessly access the full range of digital formats available for your Jacaranda titles.

If you have a JacPLUS Bookshelf, the 2019 updates will allow you to:

  • Access all available digital formats for your title in one place
  • Switch between formats or access PDFs
  • Favourite your most-used titles for a cleaner looking Bookshelf
  • Download full title or chapter PDFs at the click of a button

Click here to learn more about these updates >>

3. Jacaranda myWorld Atlases

Our interactive, award-winning Jacaranda Geography and History Atlases for Years 7-10 are getting a makeover with stunning new globes and additional capabilities – all in an updated HTML format.

If you use either of the myWorld Atlases, you can look forward to:

  • A stunning new HTML design for desktop
  • The desktop and iPad versions now match one-to-one
  • A button allowing teachers to switch between teacher to student view
  • Updated maps that are bigger – perfect for classroom projection
  • For the myWorld Atlas (Geography), the popular country/city search feature from the iPad version has been added to the desktop version

Click here to learn more about the new globes >>

Jacaranda myWorld Atlas 2019 design

There is a real buzz around the Jacaranda office about what’s to come, and we hope you are just as excited as we are to experience these updates firsthand in 2019. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers, learning leaders and students who provided feedback and took the time to test out these exciting new updates.

Remember, if you have any feedback, we really always appreciate hearing it, so please reach out to your local Jacaranda Sales Consultant and let them know your thoughts.