For the past few years, Jacaranda’s immersive digital learning platform, learnON, has been supporting teachers to make learning more visible, personalised and social. If you have used learnON, we hope you have experienced firsthand how its powerful features help enhance learning and engage students with the content in a way no other digital learning platform in the market can. And although we believe learnON is an amazing learning tool, we also understand that some teachers and students have ran into stumbling blocks in the current platform.

Here at Jacaranda we are continuously striving to provide teachers with the right and best tools they need to teach their class, their way. That’s why over this past year, we have been out in schools speaking with teachers to find out what you liked about the learnON platform and what you didn’t. We now have a renewed sense of the challenges you face day-to-day and what you need from a digital learning platform. With all that in mind, we have been working hard to make improvements to learnON, and are excited to announce these updates will be rolled out at the beginning of the 2019 school year. From the feedback received, we heard that teachers like yourself wanted:

  1. To find topics and questions easily and in fewer clicks
  2. Reading content and tabs to be bigger and easier to read
  3. Additional resources and PDFs in easy-to-find places
  4. At the click of a button, toggle between teacher and student view
  5. To assign practice questions and marked assessments in a fraction of the time and with simpler assignment policies
  6. Even deeper insights into student and cohort performance
  7. The option for students to answer questions online or offline

We are excited to say we have addressed all these specifications – and more – in the 2019 learnON updates, which will make the platform simpler and more intuitive to use with a fresh new design.

Keep reading to preview the exciting new and improved features you can look forward to next year.

1. Find topics and questions easily and in fewer clicks

We’ve made big improvements to the navigation and menu in the learnON platform. There are now fewer menu options, with a clear and obvious order, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

learnON Learning Path

2. Reading content and tabs are now easier to read

Reading content and multimedia now fill more of the screen and are presented in a way that makes them easier to read. We have also increased the size of the tabs, so you can easily identify which topic and chapter you are looking at.

3. Resources and PDFs in easy-to-find places

The resources tab has been completely redesigned and resources are now sorted into categories and are available at the topic level. You can now easily find that video to explain a tricky concept or download your topic PDF for when you need to do offline work.

4. Toggle between teacher and student view

Teachers can now, at the click of a button, toggle between the teacher and student view. It is also easier than ever to differentiate between teacher and students views by the colour on your screen, with green features for the student view and purple for teachers.

5. Assign practice questions and marked assessments in a fraction of the time and with simpler assignment policies

We understand how time-poor teachers are. You don’t have time to spare to set up intricate assignment policies and trawl through a list of questions to find the best fit for your class. That’s why we have streamlined the process. Now in three easy steps, you can create a practice set of questions or a marked assignment and send it off to your class or group.

6. Get even deeper insights into student and cohort performance

Whether you’re a digital novice or a technology whiz, getting insights and finding results on student and cohort performance is now even easier, with our vastly improved insights section.

7. Answer questions in learnON or in the textbook view

The choice is yours! When entering a question set in learnON you can now instruct students to answer the questions directly through the platform, and receive instant feedback and marks, or complete the questions offline as they’d be presented in the textbook or eBookPLUS.

Remember when we said we are continuously striving to deliver the right and best teaching tools? Well, the improvements don’t stop here, we plan to launch smaller updates throughout 2018-2019 and will continue to seek feedback to make the platform even better.

We hope you’re as excited for these updates as we are to share them with you! If you are interested in hearing more details, booking a demonstration or would like to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Jacaranda sales consultant.

If you are a teacher who currently uses learnON please keep reading – as we have an important message about your in-platform data.

Due to these platform updates, any existing learnON class results and documents you have uploaded will not be available in the upgraded version of the platform. You will need to export any data you wish to retain by 21 December 2018, or you’ll lose access to it permanently.

Simply follow these steps to export your data:

How to export your existing class results from learnON:

How to export your uploaded teacher resources from learnON: