5 reasons why Victorian teachers will love learnONIn 2017, Jacaranda will be rolling out all new Victorian Curriculum editions on learnON, our new immersive eBook that replaces the current eBookPLUS. Whether you’re a current eBookPLUS user or new to Jacaranda, here are five of the top learnON features that we think you’ll love:

  1. Everything in the one place: From theory, to questions, answers, assessments, results and other Jacaranda digital products, everything you need to teach and students need to learn is virtually one click away. Videos, interactivities, and audio play in situ at the point of learning and a built-in dashboard for every question makes it easy for students to input their working. There’s no need to open multiple apps, websites or browser tabs, or purchase a separate textbook, workbook or solutions manual.
  2. Worked solutions/exemplary responses for every question across all subjects: With learnON, students receive immediate feedback in multiple ways including auto-marked questions such as true/false, multiple choice and match questions. What’s more, worked solutions are available for Mathematics and Science, and for other subjects such as Humanities and English with short answer and essay-type questions, exemplary responses help remedy misconceptions quickly.
  3. Comprehensive teacher support: The new eBook also includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and teacher notes to help lesson planning and preparations for 2017. Unlike previous years and other publishers, no separate eGuide purchase is required—teachers save time and money, and gain convenience.
  4. Student visibility of their own performance: A user-friendly Reports section give students deep insights into their own performance and work habits, encouraging independence and accountability for learning.
  5. Offline backup PDFs: For those times when internet connectivity is an issue, teachers can have confidence knowing that offline access to the content is within easy teach.

Of course, there’s more to learnON than we can list in this blog post so to explore our new eBook at your pace, visit our learnON website at www.jacaranda.com.au/learnon. Thinking of print for 2017? Print customers also receive an activation code for learnON.

If you have any questions or would like to book a demo, please contact your local Jacaranda Education Consultant.